Game Update - November 18th, 2021

Sorry for the slow response. The game loaded fine even before I’d sorted that pop up.

I have a KICKR Bike and haven’t had a problem with a “sliding” avatar. I haven’t downloaded today’s Zwift update, but I’ve been on the most current build prior to today.

Yep, saw this too

Has anything changed in PD in new world? Had a couple of times where I went through a rider. Didn’t get phot sorry.

I think the only option is to wait for another update.

If tried to run on a second computer, newer, latest windows updates, etc. Exactly the same symptoms.

Clearly this is yet another buggy update from Zwift.

Dear Zwift, if you want to contact me about a job helping you sort out your buggy software, feel free.


That new segment/XP sound effect is pretty bad. What is it meant to be?

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I thought the menu screens were going to get a full revamp?

The new Home Screen is not in 1.19. Soon, just not today.

Hi @Niki_T_NikiT welcome to Zwift forums.
The angled-in avatar happens on steering-capable trainers as a result of new pack dynamics we rolled out last month. We’re aware and working on it.


Hi Wes the update download time has given me my first excuse for when I don’t beat my PB on the climb I am training for.
In my limited time window this evening (between dog walk and cooking tea) I thought I could squeeze in the hour training session. After 10 minutes downloading I knew I was up against the time window so I had to reduce the workout by 15 minutes.
I can’t say for sure this 15 minute loss will be the deciding factor but I am getting my excuses in early :smiley:

Maybe I am on my own here. I like doing your cycling training plans. I couldn’t give two hoots for new worlds etc but I am sick of doing build me up gravel grinder tt tune up

I feel some more cycling plans would be an easy win for you but it seems like years since I saw a new one

What about a structured plan for a 70.3 bike etc?


I did a quick lunch ride in Neokyo and just wanted to say IT’S SO GOOD! I got into road cycling when I was living in Japan a while back. Yumezi is cool and all but it’s a bit too nice and idyllic, even for a rural setting (and I do realize it’s not supposed to be realistic). This feels like tearing through the streets of Osaka at night. Thanks for this, Zwift team!!


Windows 10 - updated and ran without issue. When I quit I did have the firewall warning but clicked to allow and its not come back.

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If they could fix it they would have by now, it is broken forever.

same here

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Same here. Never seen that before with Zwift.

The angled-in avatar happens on steering-capable trainers as a result of new pack dynamics we rolled out last month. We’re aware and working on it.

That may be why I am not seeing the problem on my KICKR Bike as I am connecting via ANT+ and I believe steering is only supported via Bluetooth (I have never tried steering).

I really don’t like the new sound effects. :confused:

Never felt the need to turn it off before. Sounds like my speakers are broken or something.

Dont rienstall makes no difference

Was the first thing I did. Hmm