Avatar riding sideways. Pack Dynamics 3.0?


I just completed a Pace Partner ride with C. Cadence on Tempus Fugit. For the most of the ride my avatar kept being moved to the side of the pack. When there it kept making jerky movements and riding sideways.I am wondering if this is due to the new pack dynamics.
I have screendumps and a short video of it.
I am riding a Kickr Bike.

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Marcel Moesgaard

@Marcel_Moesgaard_DZR … This has been noted within the main Pack Dynamics thread, and has been acknowledged by Zwift:

I’m hoping this doesn’t slow down the rollout of PD 3.0, as this is a minor issue (in my opinion) as it only impacts those with steering, when in free ride mode.

In certain areas, like the volcano and in London, when I steer all the way to one side of the road, my avatar appears to ride sideways a little bit. To explain it better, imagine what it would look like if you were moving forward in a straight line, but your bike was facing 45 degrees to the left or right. It would look like you’re floating sideways. But it’s not so dramatic, it’s just a very slight angle.