Game Update - November 18th, 2021

Looks the same

Same here

It’s great hat you fixed an apple TV issue, but still no fix for Intel graphics that YOU broke a year ago and promised many of us would be fixed? Not cool!

The ZWIFT server may be denying our connection again.

I sometimes forget I should report issues, so I’m glad to see others spurred a fix for the U-turn issue. Happened to me last week in Innsbruck. I thought it was just sweat on my phone and kept trying to clean the Companion screen. Eventually had to bail out. A third trip up the Innsbruck KOM wasn’t in the cards. :joy:

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I noticed a new Sound for PRs and spectators are even cheering. Nice one :smiley:

Wasn’t there supposed to be a big UI update coming with this release? I haven’t seen anyone mention anything along those lines, so I’m guessing that is still ‘in development’?

Wasn’t ever mentioned as coming in this release as far as I’m aware. The press stuff said it would be starting later this year and into 2022, with a phased rollout. I’m assuming all the effort this time went into Neokyo and the various bug fixes.

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This update broke my working Zwift install.
I have tried a re-install, it didn’t help.
This is the third update which has essentially broken my working installation.
Previously, de-install and re-install worked. This time, not ! No idea how I will proceed.

Although I really love the product - and have been a regular user and really enjoy the workouts and routes, I have to say, I think Zwift programmers must be fairly incompetent.

Why does Zwift take so long to load ?
Why are there such frequent application updates for what mostly appear to be data problems. ?
Why does the UI and interface logic suck so bad : simple examples:
. Can’t start a new route without closing the application and re-starting !
. Can’t get rid of the “new gear” notification without clicking on all the new items !

I’m seriously considering changing to another platform - of which there are several enticing alternatives.

Get your stuff in one sock Zwift !


Why do I never see the updates on my iPad? How do I get them?

Go to the App store and find Zwift there. Should show a button to update it.

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Great news on the U-turn fix! Can’t wait to check out the neon lights :star_struck:.

No update on iOS for me yet

Go into the App Store and manually check. Was there for me around 11:30 EST.

I have a Kickr bike. When are you going to fix the bug that is making my Avatar slide sideways and get stuck behind people. This bug only started after your previous ‘upgrade’. Got the most expensive smart bike and your latest upgrade makes using it just awful !!!


Got excited to see Temples and Towers was a 2000ft route, but in the game it’s only just over 1000ft?

Any more mountain bike/single track type routes coming?

Great to see worlds expanding :+1:

Does this fix make the Tacx Neo Bike smart again on Apple TV? Got mine at the weekend and no change to resistance when going up or down hills.