Game Update 1.16 - August 19th, 2021

Or the floating green ufo in London

That one’s a baby by comparison. :wink:

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This was caused by a FIrewall Deny Exception with zwiftapp access to the Activities directory. That may have been introduced by Zwift /Window or indeed another change coincidently. Fixed it by overriding . Maybe of use to others who find this issue here or in future.

This is definately still ongoing for me . A statement might be helpful to understand the ongoing work to fix it , to save us all continuing opening more and more resource intensive tickets with support @Wes

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Issue with Apple TV V5 4k along with Kickr V5 where the kickr climb had stopped responding during gradient changes.

I tested it against a map loaded from eliment bolt and this showed that it was not a hardware or communication error between wahoo products.

With the advice from @Shane_Miller_GPLama the latest version app was removed from the apple tv and then reinstall. This resolved the Kickr Climb issue where now the climb is responding.

Now to test that pesty failure whilst calibration spindown is being performed.

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Your comments are spot on. We need to see the actual distance remaining. The completion bar is pretty but not as valuable as actual distance.

This update on iPad broke Bluetooth support for my Sole F85 treadmill. It will no longer automatically connect like it used to and it cannot see it in the Zwift “searching…” pop up menu… actually, it only shows up under the Ride menu. Not the run menu.

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After update of this version, i use wahoo kickrbike and found the problems as below
1.A bike keep disconnected after starting a game (start paddle)
2.Once it connected , sometime the resistance of the bike doesn’t match with the speed the avatar doesn’t move as normal speed ( i keep paddle with higher watt that usual and i can’t keep up with friends in group and i didnt use ERG mode) and sometime no resistance at all.
Ps. I’m using android pad

Please kindly resolve it’s very bothering.

See Treadmill not recognized [August 2021] [1.16.0]

See Kickr Bike & Trainer resistance is non responsive in free ride [August 2021] [1.16.0]

Thank you for your support, Bob! I hope someone from Zwift Galactic Headquarters is listening to us as this seems like it should not be a big coding challenge to “fix.” I went on a long route ride yesterday, and because the progress bar almost didn’t move at all per km, it was of limited use. Better than nothing, but far from what the feature could be with a little “kilometers to go” metric included. Crack on, Mate!

You must be new to Zwift!


Let’s hope Team Zwift reads the comments and does something soon. I wont hold my breathe.

Same issue for me with Runn not being found on android. Old runpod is found fine (didn’t realise till later so couldn’t zwift for a run today) as is wahoo tickr and kickr. All on ble mind. Happened since latest update. Have been advised to post details on here to push the problem up the chain so here it is!

the progress bar is wrong in France Route Progress Bar Wrong for France Routes

Not for me. Did Tire Bouchon yesterday before continuing up Ven Top, and the route progress bar was perfect. I’m on Windows.

Maybe just for Roule Ma Poule then?

It was just the lead in section that was wrong, it ended at the correct point.

I have the exact same issue is there a fix

See Treadmill not recognized [August 2021] [1.16.0]

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I am having an issue with my treadmill no longer being recognized in Zwift Run, as well. Zwift thinks my Sole F80 is a bike trainer. It picks it up in the cycling section but not the run section. Zwift, please fix.

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The route progression bar is nice but pretty useless without showing the remaining distance. 2 out of 5 stars. I’m sure you can do that better…

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