Game Update 1.16 - August 19th, 2021

The remaining distance might also not be the best solution. Yesterday I did the “Tour of fire and ice“ - after half of the distance one might think that it’s only a few minutes to go … An additional route profile would help. But hey, isn’t it part of the challenge that you check the route details before you start? :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree. Route profile would be a dream. BTW, I check the numbers. But it’s hard to remember them when challenging at the max HR. :upside_down_face:

I noticed that when I tried to remove the data using the little data button when selecting which images you wanted, it made the images black. This ride was done on iOS and internet was good throughout the ride and no issues saving. Here is the activity link:The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Zwift will no longer pick up my Runn treadmill sensor. I’ve seen a few others post with the same problem post this update. Hopefully a patch will come soon.

It seems like the new update is not automatically pairing with my power meter. On an Apple IPad and pairing with a Stages Gen3 crank based power meter.

Before the update Zwift would automatically pair with the power meter (and pick up the cadence sensor on the power meter as well) and it would even automatically skip to the next screen after a 5 second delay.

After the update I get the power source or speed sensor pairing screen and have to manually tap to pair with a power source and then select the Stages (at least Zwift seems to remember that) before continuing. Zwift then automatically matches the cadence sensor.

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I realised the image post update is showing a black screen for me. Had the issue on Monday and Tuesday since the update. Not sure if this is a bug?

  1. Don’t quit the meet-up
  2. Just ride routes that are in the current rotation


The last update really made erg mode & riding in general a mess. My work around is to use the TacX app on my iPad….here is what zwift says.
“I’ve checked with our team and we’ve had similar reports from members that use similar trainers including the Tacx Neo 2T. The dev team is currently working on a fix with high priority.

While there isn’t a work-around for this issue as of yet, the fix will come from our end and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date.”


Noticed AA’s multiplier going up to 2.5 rather than stopping at 2 a couple of days ago, is it just for AA or do the other bots go up to that?

If you can hang with AA long enough to get to the 2.5 multiplier, it should probably go to 4.0 or so! :crazy_face:

I’m canceling Zwift and going to Rouvey. Every update breaks something. This time it’s ERG mode and the resistance doesn’t change when doing intervals. The functionality that I value the most. So tired of spending my limited workout time trying to make Zwift work. Bye everyone. Hopefully I’ll see some of you on the other platform.


Having an issue with Apple TV 4K (2017) since the new update, I cant select a new world and can’t end a ride because the menu graphics are all skewed and out of place, anyone else experience this? The graphic quality has gotten worse as well, its hard to read some text in game now. Re installing app nor restarting made any difference.

It certainly happens with AA - I’ve been riding 60-70km with the red bot each day this week. That’s good that I’ll get drops quicker to afford the new DT Swiss wheels.

I did a workout last night and got a random “prize” after completing the first segment - i wasn’t expecting anything and wasn’t really paying attention so didn’t catch what it was. Some wheels I think.

Was this intentional? Or an added thing for this mini update?

The Limar Air Speed helmet? Someone else mentioned in a new thread getting that helmet randomly when doing a workout.
I googled Limar and Zwift and came up with zilch. :man_shrugging: I might try a workout later to see what happens… not that I need another virtual helmet!

Edit: Well, I did find this link from 14 months ago, but no mention of Limar assets in game:

Yes! I just checked and that must have been it

It said “new” before I selected it

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I got the helmet after completing my first km with the update. Probably not related to workouts, but a new reward for one of the lower levels?

Someone’s been running too, it looks like. :smiley:

The world rotation seldom match the kind of route I prefer. I don’t much enjoy flat, short, gravel, pretzel kind of rides. When I get all the route badges I’ll probably go for the Rebel routes. I wish there would be longer (50k) routes in every world.

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