Game Update 1.16 - August 19th, 2021

The people who make game assets should not be the same people who fix the code bugs. In most companies they are completely different roles as they require completely different skills. Asking a 3D artist to debug your code is like asking a carpenter to fix your car.


Since update ;

Data is not be saved to the inprogress or race fit files .
Data is also not being synced to any data source either

Bugs introduced in recent update with KOM/Sprint Jerseys not fixed .

Route progress bar just disappeared mid route as did the subsequent route badge… Yeah… tech happiness… not… and ‘join meet up’ just vanishes as soon as it comes up on screen… are these updates? :thinking::wink: These would be expected if I was doing the IT updates lols. How do components that are not being updated ( eg meet up function) get bunged up and bugged in a new unrelated update?


Is anyone else experiencing random device dropouts since this update? I’ve never had an issue with Zwift dropping any wireless connections before. After this update, my trainer (Tacx Neo 2)(Bluetooth) and cadence sensor(Giant RideSense)(Ant+) kept disconnecting for roughly 20 seconds and then reconnecting. This would happen every 5 to 10 minutes. My Garmin Ant+ HRM did not show any issues. How do I fix them?

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Updated can’t find device

I recently updated Zwift and the Zwift companion app and am now unable to connect / Pair with my Smart treadmill ‘Horizon Omega Z’

I was able to pair treadmill on home screen without issue before recent update.

I tried connecting via IPad (how I normally sync), IPhone and also laptop unsuccessfully today.

Please help !

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Excelled yourselves this month…Great update…

Wattbike issue…loving the new ergo non ergo setup…whereby you feel no resistance increase on climbs and descents there is resistance…absolute quality…flippin genius…every update more bugs than fixes…


I’ve had the same problem post update. It did improve after a few rides.

I use Ticker-X over ANT+,
started getting drop outs before the latest Zwift version, but after a Windows 10 update.
Kickr Core (v1.1.1) is over Bluetooth and seems fine, unlike the experience of AppleTV users.

Disappointed to have multiple connection drops today (after weeks of trouble-free use) with ANT+ dongle on modern Mac laptop. Kickr core and wahoo tickr fit HRM all gone. Mostly, the drops were just a few seconds but one was longer and it took a couple of minutes of faffing about before it came back. Also, lags and errors in power/resistance made erg mode unusable for short intervals (15s on, 45s off in crit crusher plan).


It’s a POS. Cannot connect Myrun treadmill anymore and aware this is not an isolated problem

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See Treadmill not recognized [August 2021] [1.16.0]


Hi. you cannot connect the trainer after the update

Did a search but didn’t see anything, though I’m guessing it’s been reported, but unable to pair my treadmill on my Apple TV 5th Gen following the update.

Treadmill does show up as source however only as bike trainer. Does not show up when selecting Run pair screen.

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Please can we get the elevation indicator (top right of the screen) bug fixes for London world. All of the climbs show is a a complete black square.

After the update, there is absolutely no resistance on my Wahoo kickr. Have tried everything and it’s imposible. No erg, no resistance on incline, sometimes hard to pair to zwift.
I haven’t been able to ride for 2 days, what can I do?

Two posts up from yours :wink:


See Kickr Bike & Trainer resistance is non responsive in free ride [August 2021] [1.16.0]

Thanks man!

Been that way for well over a year. I don’t think they care. Same as the disappearing buildings in Crit City.