Game screen went black [July 2023] [Windows] [1.44]

I cant play today Zwift after the update, the screen is in black colour. I can see menus but not riders or road. How can I put an imagen to explain It better? Thanks

What OS are you using?

Windows 10

After making the last update I have a serious problem: When starting the application all the devices are paired correctly, however when starting the trip, the game screen goes black, the landscape or the corridors are not visible, I use it under Windows 10 and until yesterday it worked correctly

2nd time I’ve seen this reported. Have you tried a full uninstall and reinstall?

The game no longer works on my PC after the update. I have an older GPU (radeon HD 6950) but it’s been working fine (1080p) until the update.

The game screen just appears black. With the working and correctly displayed menu and progress boxes on top

Any suggestion?

A few people seem to have hit this black screen problem.

Yep, we’re looking

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Hey all - we’re investigating this symptom. Thanks for the reports.

Hi all, FYI that we are rolling back the 1.44 game release only for Windows users back to 1.43.3 while we investigate this issue further. For those of you who were affected, please let us know if this issue was mitigated after returning to the 1.43.3 game release.

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Zwift v 1.44.2 should fix this issue. @Ruben_de_Miguel_de_L @Alfonso_Piza @Phil_Bradey please update at your earliest convenience.

We’d appreciate if you’d loop back and confirm / deny you’re back to normal. Thank you in advance.


I’m sorry I’m on holiday (vacation) now. I’ll not be home again until 13th August.


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After uninstall and reinstall (more than one hour) it works. Thanks!

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Why did it take an hour!? Does this system have a mechanical hard drive? It should not take anywhere near that long.

sounds like they had to uninstall the whole game and reinstall it, an hour still seems long but depending on internet speeds could take near that

I dont know, I will ask to my very old PC

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Ask your PC if it has a mechanical hard drive. If it says yes, offer it an SSD and it will be happier. This upgrade is not expensive and it’s the #1 reason for slow performance of the game.

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Yes, my very old PC has a SSD hard drive. I upgraded it to 8 GB RAM too. Next upgrade will be the microprocessor or the video card. What willl you do?