Crash after Windows update around Jan 14

Yesterday I found that Zwift was crashing upon startup repeatedly. I run Windows 7 64 bit and keep it generally up to date with the Windows Update service. I rolled back to a restore point on 13 Jan 2015 and Zwift worked again just fine.

I’m curious if anyone else has seen this happen. I’m also sharing this in case it helps temporarily resolve an issue for others.

I was unable to keep Zwift running for longer than 4 minutes on the 14th. Also using Win7 64, but I I have automatic updates disabled.

It’s a weird crash- screen goes black, Windows stops responding. Crash dump indicated a video driver is to blame. (nvidia)

I think your issue is different, Mark. I got repeated crashes when the Zwift launcher would try to start, so I never even got to the point of logging in.

I don’t know if my issue is the same as yours, but Zwift crashes on my laptop (Windows 7 64 bit) at startup also. I’ve never been able to get it to run (on the laptop). It runs fine on my Desktop. Same OS and 64 bit.

I have similar problem on a dell vostro 3350 with windows 7 64 bit too where after installing the game it would not load after I clicked on the zwift shortcut icon and windows just killed it because it wasnt responding. I tried on another dell Inspiron N5110 laptop with windows 7 32 bit and i manged to load the game, pair with hr, speed/cadence sensor and play the game but it crashed out of 10 minutes of play.

I’m having the same issue with my Windows 7 64 bit environment.  It was running perfectly when I first downloaded the app.  I ran it for the first two-three weeks without issue.  On the last update, Zwift, the app just wont launch.  I’ve uninstalled and installed a handful of times without any luck.  I now have a help ticket in and it’s been elevated to second level support.


Hi All,

any updates on this? I’m running on a samsung laptop windows 7 64 bit. i can open it, it does the initial updates, when it goes to the big screen it stays black, i can hear a second or 2 worth of music before i get the error reads: ZwiftApp.exe has stopped working…


Hi Eliot,

This particular issue is, now, several months old and is tied to a release of the game that is no longer relevant. If you are experiencing these kinds of issues (screen stays black), most likely it is a graphics driver issue: