Screen keeps black

(Markus Walter) #1

Hi, when I start Zwift the screen of the window keeps black, but the

sound of the intro is available. any ideas? 


I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 500 Serie with i5 CPU and

dedicated graphics.


I never had any other problems with games etc. before.


Thanks for any help!


Regards Harry

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #2

Please submit a support ticket and include your computerspecs.txt file located in your zwift folder.  Thanks! 

(P. Brunelle) #3

Have you guys had any luck with this issue ?

Used to run in windowed mode.  Enabled fullscreen this morning, restarted Zwift.  Same problem since.  Black screen, I hear the music.  Can’t do anything else.

Uninstalled/reinstalled, problem persists.
Uninstalled, deleted Zwift folder, reinstalled, problem persists.
Searched for a config file enabling me to revert to windowed mode (zwift folder, appdata, etc).  Didn’t find it.
Searched the registry for the same config.  Didn’t find it.

Windows 10
AMD Radeon R9 200 series, drivers are up to date.

(P. Brunelle) #4

Further troubleshooting linked the problem to dual monitor setups.  (Note that I’ve had a dual monitor setup for years and it never caused issues with any games, this is Zwift-specific).

Reverting steps :

  1. disconnect second monitor
  2. launch zwift
  3. revert to windowed mode
  4. reconnect monitor
  5. relaunch zwift.

*so far I’ve been unable to make fullscreen mode work without disconnecting the second monitor