FYI Dust in the Wind badge

Got the Dust in the Wind badge today but had to ride 66.4 miles to do it. rode the Fuego Flats Reverse 2 and got the badge at the arch end of the Fuego Flats Reverse. Also rode Titans grove reverse kom 5 times. Really like Zwift but some of these route badges are really frustrating. If it takes 66 miles to get the badge they should state it going in. That’s my whine for the day.

Could you share a link? Sounds like the beginning might actually be the arch where you also end (in that case the spawn point would be massively off).

FWIW, this is the only badge that failed for me so far.

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Looking at his ride it seems like he had to do the route twice so that he could pass the arch to start it.

So the u-turn trick should solve this one. Start the ride u-turn back to the arch u-turn and complete the route.

Looks like that’s correct (just accidentally nuked my own reply).

Were there more routes with the spawn point that far off, by the way? It’s not like you’re just behind a landmark.

Not at all what’s shown in the animation on the route selection screen, though. Had I looked at the route in advance, I’d have turned to the end point first. Based on other routes that start before a KOM, I expected the finish on top to be the start and end point. Meh.


So I did the U-turn trick. Start the ride u-turn back to the arch u-turn and complete the route.

57.7km and got the badge.


This is the activity if you want to take a look.

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Same here.

Incidentally that put the distance counter for this year exactly on 24.000 km.

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It is good that there appears to be a ‘solution’ to get the badge. It is not good that it requires riding backward from the spawn point to do it.

Gang, achievement glitches for the Dust in the Wind and Out and Back Again routes are being addressed and should be fixed in the next update.


Is it possible to advise which routes are affected to stop us riding them and finding out they aren’t working? Dust in the wind and out and back again?

We’re aware of route achievement glitches on those two.

If there are others that need investigation, by all means let us know.

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Out and Back again worked for me today without work-a-round or something else

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Just rode Dust in the Wind and didn’t unlock the badge :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Did you do the U-Turn trick at the beginning of the ride?

Today I did the late join trick again, this time Innsbruckring. Badge after 3.5 km. :tada: #shameless :joy:

I got hosed on this one today as well. Also, got hosed on Surrey hills three times.
Like really, only dangle the carrots you can guarantee.

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I did the Dust in the Wind route today, and used the ‘make a uturn at the spawn point, ride to the desert arch, make another uturn, and continue on the route’ trick. Got the route badge the next time I went through the desert arch (as expected). No issues with the Surrey Hills badge, either, after doing a uturn there and riding back to the PRL arch and doing another uturn.

While Zwift could certainly do a better job with the spawn point for both of these routes, it also seems that the workarounds for both (though some say they have gotten the Surrey Hills badge without the uturns) seem well documented. Are people just not visiting the Forum until after they don’t get the badge?

The vast, vast majority of zwifters have never visited the forums.

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True, but those that are posting they have had an issue getting the route badge seem to know enough to come to the forums nearly immediately after not getting the badge to let people know, so it strikes me as a bit odd that they did not see anything about it on the forum before trying the route, as this has been one of the top topics in recent weeks.

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So you find it a bit odd; how are you going to reconcile this with the reality that you have observed? Perhaps it’s just as simple as the fact that many people didn’t find a work around buried in a forum thread that they probably never saw on a forum site that they probably don’t check super regularly. And when something goes wrong they jump on the forum that they are aware of. That seems like a very reasonable explanation to me. Unless you have another explanation?