No Dust in the Wind badge

It had to happen, first route achievement badge fail for me. I almost had completed the previous batch (pun! :crazy_face:).

Dust in the wind, no badge at desert arch, did a third Titan’s Grove KOM after that just to be sure.

For the record, I’m very upset and I’m certain that Apple would have become a valuable company if only they had elected me CEO instead of being dragged down into utter obscurity by Jobs.


That is a long one.

I wonder if that is not one of those where you have to u turn cross the start arch and the u-turn and do the route.

Would you just go and test it for us, please. LOL

This will be my next bage attempt. i will try the u-turn trick.

I won’t start a new topic as this is related to the issue above. I hope that’s acceptable.

I have no route badges so today I decided to start and try to get them all eventually. To test how the thing works I did the shortest (Volcano) and then I stopped, saved and restarted Zwift. I picked “Out and back again” from the list and I started at the expected place for the lead in part, but I never got the banner and the timer so I did my own thing in the end.

How come the route did not initiate? Is there something that prevents you from riding routes back to back maybe?


See this post.

I rode this route yesterday. I pulled a u-turn and went back past the starting pens up until the first large arch (not the sprint finishing arch) and pulled another u-turn to start the route because I was impatient. I proceeded to finish the route thinking that I wouldn’t get the badge but it actually awarded it to me.

It may have been the bridge. I think I uturned shortly before the first roundabout.