Rode a Course but Not Recognized for Badge

So I’m a bit addicted to the mission and other badges… Today I selected Quatch Quest as it matched my needed time and helped me get a bit closer to the overall goal of the Tron Bike.

However, after a long reasonably painful ride with plenty of elevation, I did not get the badge recognition for the route. I road there route as directed with no pauses, u turns, other turns or changes.

The only thing I can think may have made a difference is changing from the TT bike to a road bike at Mile 1.

Any ideas?

Possibly the old spawn point problem…

Zwift update is going to address this. The problem is that Zwift starts you on the wrong side of the start line. They just recently fixed the problem on Yorkshire. Sorry to say, but you would have to do this again. See these forums on the same topic.

Thanks. So would it be good to do a quick u-turn at the start of a route for a half mile or so, and then u-turn again and complete the course?

Yes it work for most of them, u-turn go under the banner then u-turn and do route.