Zwift Server issues today (25.12.19)?

Has Zwift today some server issues? I made today a workout “FTP - Flexible Ride” and done the route “Bigger Loop”. In my companion App I could see the progress in my training plan. But after I logged me later in on my iPad to looking for my route badge my training progress isn’t show any longer and my Badge for Bigger Loop is not recognized :frowning:
For all Badges and unlocks I had already made the screenshots… so I’m sure it was not a dream :wink:

Have somebody today the same experience?

P.S.: another issue in the same ride. I leveled up to 27 and got the “S-Work Shoes”. In my garage isn’t show the new item :frowning: but in my profile I’m already Lv 27
For that I have an Screenshot attached which shows the locked Lv27 Shoes from my wife’s profile an my shoe list in lv27.