Errors with WTRL Race Events

Struggling to get my last WTRL events processed correctly (specifically for mein WTRL - Men’s/Mixed AMERICAS E DIVISION 2 if that helps)

  • /events.php?zid=1686779 - missing 20 minute number
  • /events.php?zid=1644257 - error in 20 minute calculation (how can my watts/kg for 20 minutes be lower than for entire ride)

My ZP Profile: /profile.php?z=207792

I have emailed and got an automated answer.

I only see this problem with WTRL events and on the forums I see similar themed topics bubbling up.

Can I rest assured that these with time will be re-processed / corrected?

Thank you!

Original inquiry:

If you have emailed them, yes, when they find the resolution to the problems. ZP problems are beyond WTRL events, but it seems they are impacted more significantly.

Key an eye on this thread as that is where Flint is providing updates:

@Dean thank you for bringing my attention to this thread.

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