ERG mode wattage target can get stuck during session


(Michè) #61

Michè Quilichini
I have another problem today on the workout “the gorby”.
It was impossible to keep 220w. Very strong.
Drivo Elite
Mode erg
Thanks for Help please

(Andrew) #62

Just happened for the first time, using Zwift for about 3 mos. finished a workout, I wanted to ride extra, and it was stuck in erg mode at 50W going up a steep hill. I have had self imposed issues in the past with multiple devices competing for the trainer’s Bluetooth connection, Wahoo educated me about that, there was definitely NO other device connecting to the trainer.

Trainer: Kickr Core
Zwift device: iPhone 7, iOS 12.1.2
Zwift connection: BLE
Companion app device: iPhone 8, iOS 12.1.2 - WiFi only, Bluetooth radio turned off
Erg mode in workout, the problem is when it should be switching into sim after workout is complete

(Guido) #63

Having the same problem as described above.

Trainer: Kickr Core Firmware 1.06
Device with Zwift App: Windows 10 Notebook
ANT + and BL

(H) #64

I have the same problems. During a workout there is no response of the Tacx.

Trainer: Tacx Flux 2
Device with Zwift App: IPad 2018
ANT + or BLE: Bluetooth
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

(Vincent) #65

Hey all, we’ve been monitoring these issues and are investigating. As said before there doesn’t seem to be a pattern in trainers or devices so it’s something we’re still looking into. Thank you for commenting in this thread but please remember to send in a support inquiry as well.

(Neil) #66

Trainer: Kickr 18
Device with Zwift App: iPhone X running Zwift, and iPhone XS Max running companion app (erg mode toggle no longer seems to be present?)
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

Wattage not changing between intervals (sometimes) and after the workout ends remains in ERG mode. I have noticed that getting stuck at a certain wattage is more likely to happen if I change the training power bias up or down.

(Louis Hlousek) #67

Cycleops Hammer
PC Windows 10, Companion app on Galaxy 8 Android
ANT+ PC. Not sure on phone as it’s both BT and ANT+ capable.
Erg mode.

During a workout got stuck displaying 85W. Tried shifting, different cadences, unpairing and pairing trainer, shutting down and reopening the companion app, all while still in the workout. Unplugging and plugging the trainer power back in solved it.