ERG mode wattage target can get stuck during session

Trainer: Tacx Vortex
Device with Zwift App: Notebook with Windows 10
ANT + or BLE: Ant+
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

I have the same issue starting today, this is finding the power meter and it sticks at 135w, even at the discovery stage, however on my BikeErg just ride screen it’s not showing any watts being delivered.

Trainer: Concept 2 BikeErg
Windows 10 PC with Ant+ dongle

This setup has been working perfectly for the last few weeks and even as recently as Thursday when I was doing the foundation workout for the FTP Builder plan (I came on to do the last foundation workout today and it was after the update that this started failing).

Happened a couple times to me if I keep riding after the end of a workout. Trainer stays stuck on last wattage. Seems to not happen if I come to a complete stop before clicking OK on the workout summary. If I keep pedaling it gets stuck.

Can reset it by unplugging the power from trainer and plugging back in.

Trainer: Wahoo Kickr
Device with Zwift App: Win10 laptop
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

Happened today and yesterday, both times at 170 watts.
Zwift 1
Trainer: Tacx Flux 2
Device with Zwift: macbook pro, buit in bluetooth
(Zwift companion app also running)
Happens in a workout with ERG mode. When it’s stuck, it remains in ERG at 170w even if i turn ERG off.

Connected through Zwift companion ios today, worked throughout the workout. Try that as a workaround.

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Trainer: Tacx Flux
Device with Zwift App: Windows 10/ Companion app on Samsong S4
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

Is there still no solution?

Trainer: KICKR 18
Device: iPhone 8 - Companion App/ Windows 10 - Zwift

After months of putting up with this, disconnecting, turning of trainer power etc etc; I decide to search the web for possible solutions and found myself here.

Intermittent - Stuck at power after workout: At the end of a workout the wattage is then stuck and erg mode seems to be on. I have not found a work around for this, although as above I’ve managed to occasionally reset by stopping just prior to the end of cool-down and waiting then cliking “ok” to contining.

Intermittent - but more common. Stuck in ERG mode sometime into the beginning of a ride: Start riding, particularly a more recovery/fat burn oriented ride approx no more than 1.5-2 w/kg. After about 5-10 minutes the trainer is non responsive and seems like a turbo trainer, eg: Titans Grove - up/down the undulations there constant cadence/power - the only change is speed in Zwift.

Would like a resolution to this issue as it is quite frustrating


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Use Tacx Neo 1, Zwift via AppleTV 4k and Iphone 11. fixed the problem by restarting Apple TV …

Windows 10, ERG mode, Bluetooth, Wahoo KICKR CORE

I have this problem only when using Bluetooth, never with the Tacx ANT+ dongle. I bought a new Bluetooth adapter from TP-Link, that did not make a difference.

It happens only when the workout has a set like:
6x (4 min 170 watt, 1 min 210 watt)

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Hi Zwift developers. What is the plan? How can we solve this problem and when do you expect to have the solution ready?

I’m getting this problem on my wattbike atom
Ergo mode
It happens when you end an interval and the next segment is a free ride it keeps you locked into the power of the interval and at the end of the session it happens again

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Elite Novo Smart Trainer
Apple TV
BT connection with cadence and HR sensor through Android companion app

Today’s workout was supposed to switch between 130W and 95W. Power reading got stuck at 128W after switch. Even when barely peddling. Toggling ERG button on companion app seemed to have no effect.

ERG mode bogs down or automatically exits ERG mode upon interval changes in training mode
Trainer: Kicks Core
Device with Zwift App: Macbook Pro (10.15) running zwift training program
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode
Please help as this is annoying in middle of a workout. It usually resumes OK at next interval prompt.

Trainer: Kickr Core
Device: Windows 10
Same problem when using ERG mode. Power gets stuck on last wattage of the interval. Workarounds don’t work for me.

Trainer: Kickr Core
Device: Macbook Pro 10.15.2
Erg Mode: Delayed changing of wattage (will turn a 1 minute interval into a 1min 30s interval) and persistence of ERG mode after workout. Also delay when changing the bias during workout. Gets worse with the longer the workout (i.e an hour ride will have an erg delay of about 5 minutes vs a 20 minute ride having a delay of a minute or 2)

Wattbike Atom
Companion app

Same issue - erg mode stuck on in free ride sections

Same here. Works fine at first then after about 20 minutes ERG gets stuck at last interval mid workout.
Kickr Snap '18
Windows 10
Companion app on Android

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Wahoo Kickr
Zwift app on laptop
ERG mode
I had zwift companion turned on, until my phone died. Zwift was stuck in the wattage of when zwift companion stopped working…

Trainer: Wahoo Kickr
Device with Zwift App: IPad
ANT + or BLE: Bluetooth
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

ERG got stuck when switching into hard intervals. Had to push pause and wait for things to reset. Stuck at 80w at the end of the workout too. Erg only reset after I passed the banner for the ride section.

Trainer: Kickr Core
Zwift device: MacBook
Zwift connection: BLE
Companion app device: Google pixel 2 - WiFi only,