ERG mode wattage target can get stuck during session

MacBook Air 2019
Kickr Core 2019
No companion app connected
No bike computer connected

Same happens to me specifically on climbs: if current workout section at target wattage ends during a climb, the following “free ride” section still keeps the same target wattage of the previous one. Tried disabling ERG in game, stopping and re-starting pedaling, or lowering the target bias but it still remains stuck to the previous section wattage.

All of it ends however when reaching a flat road, with the trainer eventually switching to SIM mode until next section.

Trainer: Wattbike atom
Device with Zwift App: Apple 4K tv
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

If an interval is (E.g.) 400 watts then goes into a free ride interval the wattage stays at 400 watts.

Trainer: kickr core
Device with Zwift App: Dell windows 10
ERG mode or SIM: ERG (erg would not switch off)

Trainer locked in at low wattage around 130W and it would not release or change. I tried switching erg on and off, adjusting trainer difficulty, and workout bias.

Wahoo Kickr Core, newest firmware
Appletv 4HD newest update
Apple Companion (not used as BLE tether)
following a workout, the trainer stays in ERG mode, at the same wattage as workout cool down. Resetting zwift results in chaotic SIM experience (watts/gradient/erg fluctuating constantly)