ERG mode wattage target can get stuck during session

No, just running the Zwift app on an iPad.

Trainer: Kickr Core
Device: tried Win10, iPad mini, MacbookAir
ERG Mode

Same issue as others in last days, after aprox. 20min training wattage dont change, blue light on kickr core is not blinking but it is still blue, in pairing menu controllable is not active - after pairing still dont work. Cant do any of training left, i must go out of app and turn on again with new trening session. Seems problem started after installing wahoo app and upgrading trainer.

Ridiculous :confused:

Trainer: Kickr Core
Device: Macbook Pro Mojave
ERG Mode

Same issue as above

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Happened 20/20/2020
17.20 BST
Device Wahoo Kickr Core
HP Laptop
Crashed then stuck at 166

Occurred 11/2/2020

About half way through my ride my wattage reading dropped out (went to 0) and Zwift reported that ERG mode was temporarily disabled. It came back but and recalibrated but the resistance was behind the workout targets showing on the screen.

Trainer: Kicker Bike
Device with Zwift App: Apple TV 4K
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

Wahoo KICKr core
Blue tooth , MacBook Pro
ERG mode

Noticed this issue started straight after the recent Zwift maintenance outage

Trainer: Saris H2
Device: Android phone
ERG Mode

Trainer: Kickr Core
Device with Zwift App: Macbook Pro
ANT + or BLE: BLE (by Companion app)
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

Trainer: Kickr Core (bought it three weeks ago)
Device with Zwift App: Windows 10
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

It happened already twice. The fix suggested on zwift support (i.e. wattage-gets-stuck-in-workout-mode), did not solve it.

Had this issue yesterday when trying to complete the Alternative Sprint workout of the 2020 Zwift Academy. It’s strangely inconsistent though, I could do 2 of the free ride sprints without problem. In one ERG mode switch off half way during the free ride interval en in alle others it never switched off leaving me with no resitance at all, legs spinning like an out-of-control windmill, and only hitting around 300 watts. Very annoying issue!

Kickr Snap
MacBook Pro (2017)
Bluetooth connected
Companion app on iPhone 11

Trainer: kickr 18
Device with Zwift App: windows 10
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

I have also compagnon on my phone but the kick is connecter to the pc. It seems like there is a freeze of the screen everytime it gets stuck.

Trainer: Tacx Flux S
Device with Zwift App: Lenovo Thinkpad (win10)
ERG mode or SIM: Both

Error in training mode (ERG). watts are “frozen” and cadence does not change. Takes about 15-20 seconds for rider stops. In SIM mode, watts are too high. Cycled the whole round 25km with an average wattage of 389, without challenge. New ftp was 389 against old 215. very annoying.

Trainer: Tacx Flux 2
Apple TV or Companion Apple with Apple TV

Doesn’t matter which route is taken the resistance never changes, its like EGR is locked on at all times. I have two units, this was my wife’s unit and she complained consistently. My units setup was a Lenovo Win 10 Laptop using ANT+ and it worked 100%. I started switching the Apps and the Units around while she road to no avail. So now I have her exact setup and I am now having issues. Yes this could be the unit itself, but according to the Tacx Utility it is working as expected. It only seems to fail using Zwift on Apple TV and pairing with BT on the Apple TV or the Companion App.

Trainer: Wahoo Kickr Core
Device with Zwift App: macbook air
ANT + or BLE: ANT +
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

yesterday it happened to me in a training, the kickr core blocked and it was impossible to pedal (very high resistance) because it got stuck and cannot reach the wattage goal. this situation only occurs in training.

when he stopped pedaling, ERG appeared momentarily off and the roller was already loose and I could cycle again, after a while the problem would return.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Wahoo kickr smart v5
ERG mode

Trainer: tacx neo
Device with Zwift App: windows pc with Android z-app
ANT + or BLE: ble
ERG mode or SIM: erg

have the same problem and setup. same when using Zwift IOS app.

I have had the same issue of being on a free ride (SIM mode) and then all of a sudden I am stuck in ERG mode. This has been happening more frequently over the past couple months too. Any solutions? Please and thank you.

Trainer: Tacx Flux S
Device with Zwift App: Apple TV 4K and linked to companion app on an Android A21
ERG mode or SIM: Want to be in SIM, getting stuck in ERG.

I’m relatively new to the platform +/-2mo, and experiencing the same issue, both in ERG and SIM mode. In ERG is will just hold watts, in SIM, it will hold the ‘feeling’ of elevation (ie. after cresting a climb it won’t get any easier). Seems to happen at least once per ride, tho I’m unable to replicate it (no real rhyme/reason to when it happens).

Trainer: Kickr BC95
Device with Zwift App: MacBook Pro
ANT + or BLE: Bluetooth
ERG mode or SIM: Both

Similar, not exactly the same, but the ERG targets often do not update in sequence with the workout description - e.g. with an FTP of 200, a couple of workouts are supposed to be 105W and 145W segments, but in 4/5 of the workouts I’ve done, the changes seem random compared to the plan.

In my last workout the description was just wrong too - the workout plan was for a 5 minute gradual warmdown, the text on the screen that appeared at the start of the warm down said that it was a 10 minute gradual warmdown, but the Wattage only began to drop down after 3 minutes 40 seconds…
This almost seemed to me that the ERG connection was working fine, but that the workout programme itself was not set up the same as the screen description?

One workout was an exact match between on screen and ERG Wattage changes, but only one.

This was Windows App over Bluetooth, to a Kickr Core, no Zwift Companion app running

I should add that every ride I have done in SIM mode has worked exactly as I would hope & expect - it’s only ERG mode that has issues.