ERG mode wattage target can get stuck during session

Zwift in ERG Mode during workout does not match interval wattage to what its instructing trainer, i.e. workout interval is 250w and ERG mode is only telling trainer to set for 100w. Appears to change wattage at random and not in sync with workout timing.

Saris Hammer H3
iPhone 11 Pro i os 14.4.1
In ERG Mode

I had exactly the same issue again today

ERG is actually working (pedalling faster makes the resistance lighter so the wattage output doesn’t change) and vice versa; the problem is exactly as described - the target wattage is out of sync with the workout.

Another give away is in the last two workouts I’ve done, the final block was a 5-minute warmdown, but, disregarding the fact that the wattage was set wrong for the warmdown, the on screen pop up text read ‘now we’re going to do a 10 minute gradual warmdown’

ERG is actually working, it’s either that the coding for the workouts is wrong so that the Wattage changes at the wrong points, or the workouts have changed and they didn’t correct the coding to match

Windows App, BLE, Kickr Core and Kicr Climb (although I lock the Climb for workouts so that it stays at 0%)

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This is happening to me - get stuck at 120w on a workout that should only very briefly target that wattage during warm-up.

Trainer: Kickr Core
Device with Zwift App: Mac (Big Sur)
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

It’s incredibly frustrating to experience this, and the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a resolution or even suggested workaround, two years after the original post, is very disappointing.

We have a very similar issue only with Bluetooth/Apple TV.

When in erg mode wattage does not match the requested erg wattage consistently. There seems to be disconnect between what the session should be holding and what zwift is telling the trainer hold in erg.

Wattbike Atom
Apple TV

This appears to not be an issue with Ant+ Workouts.