ERG mode wattage target can get stuck during session

Hey Zwifters,

We’ve received several reports of wattage remaining “stuck” in ERG mode with the trainer failing to further adjust for subsequent intervals in the workout. After ending the workout, users report that the ‘stuck’ wattage persists, keeping their trainer in ERG and not releasing them to SIM mode.

We are currently investigating this issue and are monitoring all new cases. If this has happened to you, please reply with your:

Device with Zwift App:
ANT + or BLE:
ERG mode or SIM:

[ZG - 1896]


Trainer: Tacx Neo
Device with Zwift App: Apple TV
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

Tacx Neo
iMac / Mojave
ERG mode

Zwift App AND IOS

I’m having a very strange situation where I’m just riding around, not doing a workout, and the power seems to be stuck in ERG mode. Going up hill resistance gets less when I increase the power. I’ve replicated the issue on 2 separate Tacx NEOs and both on a PC and Ipad. Both TACX NEOs have the latest firmware (as of today) and it just started happening today.

Also, when I first start riding, the resistance is very choppy, going from no resistance to a lot and vise versa. It’s actually dangerous because this loss of resistance simulates a chain break - going from 350 watts to no resistance. @Vincent I hope this helps and am happy to provide additional technical details as requested.

Zwift is currently unusable for me.


Trainer: Kickr Core
Device with Zwift App: Macbook Pro
ANT + or BLE: ANT+
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

This has happened during a dozen workouts since I started using the Core several weeks ago. The workaround I found is that by tapping once on the wattage +/- button on the iPhone companion app, the trainer gets unstuck and I then simply tap the wattage button again to get back to 100%.

Kickr wahoo
Apple TV
ERG mode

Same here…getting pretty frustrated

Trainer: wahoo kickr core
Device with Zwift App: macbook pro 2018
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

ah will give that a try next time! (android companion app with mac…will report back)

Trainer: Tacx Neo
Device with Zwift App: Macbook Pro 2018
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

Trainer: Tacx Bushido Smart
Zwift running on Windows PC + iPhone 7 for Companion
ERG mode

Trainer: Kickr CORE
Device with Zwift App: Mac
ANT + or BLE: ANT+ with FE-C for power and trainer control
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

Seen a few different ways in which this issue occurs. Typically the wattage of a high wattage interval remains in (the start of) the next interval. I also experienced the opposite: for the first 30 seconds or so of a high wattage interval the correct high wattage target is shown (e.g. 310W), but it is not possible to get to this target because the trainer will not allow to go over a certain limit (e.g. 146W).

So far, I have only had this issue when using ANT+ FE-C as the power source. When switching to my bike’s power meter (ANT+ too), the issue does not seem to occur.

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Trainer: Tacx Flux
Device with Zwift App: Apple TV 4K
ERG mode or SIM: SIM, I have to do the workaround for each ride in SIM

I have also had this issue. Note below on what I did to fix it or what I believe was the cause. Started sometime in Oct.

Trainer: Tacx Vortex
Device with Zwift App: Windows 7 PC, running Companion
ANT + or BLE: ANT to PC
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

I found that I needed to turn off the Companion BLE connection in the App in order to solve the problem. It seemed there was some confusion with the ANT connection with PC and BLE connection to the Companion App. I now just run the Companion App without any control of the devices.

Zwift is now useless to me with this issue

Trainer: Whoo Kickr 2018
Device with Zwift App: Apple TV 4K pairing devices through a Samsung S9. however paired through Apple TV makes no difference
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

the workaround does not work for me

Have hit this a few times recently, but only post workout . ie i finish my workout and want to do a bit extra , but i am stuck in whatever of the final wattage of the (Erg based) workout.

Trainer: Wahoo Kickr 2018
Device with Zwift App: Apple TV (latest update of Apple TV software and Dec 3rd 2018 Zwift release)
ANT + or BLE: BLE (via Apple Tv )
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

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It started happening recently. It gets stuck at the end of an interval in ERG, even if I turn off ERG mode. Seems the only way is unplugging the trainer. Very annoying and so far has only happened with Zwift in ERG. Sim is fine though.
I’ve got a Drivo II which is laggy to adjust the resistance with any software, even Elite’s own app, but it takes 10-12 seconds to adjust (does this very progressively), however it doesn’t get stuck with any other app and it started happening more frequently since the new update.
It seems to happen always towards the end of the workout session, after 45mins or so. When I check the log in Zwiftalizer, it shows no ANT+ drops before or after it got stuck.

Trainer: Elite Drivo II
Device with Zwift App: Windows PC
ANT + or BLE: ANT+ dongle (double shielded cable or plugged straight to USB).
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

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Looking into Apple TV wattage stuck issues, thanks for the heads up @Andy_Ball !

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Hey Vincent

Did training plan ride today (fondo) and it was fine , didn’t see the problem


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on my setup,
its like the power output figure trends with the interval figure.

it Zwift asks for 150w@5min. the program shows me to be putting out ±151w
if i then soft pedal (60w) it still shows ±150w on screen, however the trainer is responding in the ERG fashion and trying to make it harder. so it seems its a on screen figure issue?
similarly if i start pushing out 300w it still only shows ±150w on screen.

further, if the next interval step is from 150w to say 180w, the power figure on screen will move rapidly to 181w even though i have clearly not starting putting out any extra power.

the program works perfectly in free ride.
my issue is i use Zwift primarily to do indoor structured workouts during the week…

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Trainer: Wahoo Kickr
Device with Zwift App: IPad
ANT + or BLE: Bluetooth
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

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