ERG mode wattage target can get stuck during session


(Brian) #41

Same issue wahoo KICKR
Zwift - Windows PC
ERG Mode.

(J) #42

Similar to Laurens’ issues with the high wattage of an interval ‘bleeding over’ into the recovery, meaning its sometimes impossible to even pedal! Stopping sometimes gives it rime to recover, but its not consistent. Yesterday I had 4x2m @ 270 with 1m recovery 1m at 130W. In three instances i couldn’t pedal at all after the interval, so much so I tried to calibrate for a second time and loosen the pressure upon the tire.

I will try removing the power smoothing. Although it’s not a consistent issue and I’ve cycled for a fair amount of time with it turned on so we’ll see.

(Adriano) #43

Hi guys! Nice to see that I’m not alone in this boat…

I’m having issues where I complete warm-up portions of workouts (ex: any of the FTP Builder workouts) and once a segment with higher wattage requirement comes along, no matter how hard I pedal, the trainer doesn’t adjust the resistance for me to get there. The problem is intermittent however… Very frustrating. Hope a fix is found soon!

Trainer: Tacx NEO 38449
Device with Zwift App: 2018 Macbook Pro + One Plus 5 (Android 9) Companion App.
ANT + or BLE: BLE for trainer (ANT+ for Garmin Heart rate monitor)
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

(Henk de Beer) #44

I had this yesterday morning during a group workout.
After the second-last 30s interval, during the 60s recovery portion the trainer didn’t let go of the resistance, could barely pedal.

Trainer: CycleOps H2
Device with Zwift App: PC
ANT + or BLE: ANT+
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

(Joshua ) #45

Kickr, original
Apple TV 4K
BLE Zwift companion
SIM mode
Group ride and solo JRA.

(Lauren) #46

Tacx flux
Zwift companion app through my iPhone

This is getting very frustrating! I’m
New to zwift and wondering if it’s actually worth paying for!!

(Vicky) #47

Same issue here. Worked fine end of November but when I came back to Zwift end of Jan it’s been an issue. Most obvious in ERG mode but it can be inconsistent in free ride mode too. Really impacting on enjoyment currently.

Trainer: Tacx Bushido Smart
ERG mode mostly but inconsistent in free ride at times

Hope something gets sorted with this - I rely on my Zwift training.

(David) #48

Tacx Neo
Companion app on iOS

Tour de Zwift, two free rides and an ERG worked fine. Tried 2 ERGs today both failed. Agree to what others have said, the program is utterly pointless if this doesn’t work.

(Sean) #49

Same issue for me. I’ve noticed that resistance changes can sometimes be a bit laggy when doing a free ride, but I’ve been trying some training sessions lately and the trainer often gets stuck when it should be adding or decreasing resistance. Really annoying during intervals. I’m missing stars because the trainer fails to adjust in time - I often get delays of around 30 seconds.

Kicker Core
Huawei mediapad M5
ERG mode (worst) SIM mode (sometimes)

(Dave) #50

This happened to me on my last two workouts in ERG mode.

Trainer: CycleOps Magnus
Device with Zwift App:Windows 10
ANT + or BLE: ANT+
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

(Vincent) #51

Edit: Re-opening! Still gathering info from here so I’m opening this thread again.

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(Henk de Beer) #54

I had kinda the opposite last night - wanted to do an FTP test, and on the 20min free ride section suddenly there was seemingly no resistance, which means I was doing less than 200w even in my biggest gear. Changing bias made little difference, and switching to incline did not help either.

Trainer: CycleOps H2
Device with Zwift App: PC
ANT + or BLE: ANT+ (Trainer as controllable, P1 pedals as power source and cadence)
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

(Marc) #55


Been having similar issues with two different Kickr Core. Macbook or iphone Zwift app, ANT+ or BLE. Impossible to turn pedals after high wattage interval in erg mode… Clearly this is not a trainer problem given the wide range of trainers reported above. Why isn’t Zwift more transparent about this issue? What’s being done? ETA to resolve? Perhaps show a little more consideration towards users?!? It’s not as if Zwift was free of charge… Thanks.

(Michè) #56

Miché Quilichini
Trainer drivo Elite

(Huwelfedus) #57

Having same problems, ERG not releasing from higher wattage into rest wattage during workouts.
ZC will lose connection once and after that will fail to adapt to commands.

Atv4k - Ethernet connection
iPhone XS Max - Wi-fi
Wahoo Kickr
Garmin Vector 3
Wahoo Tickr

(Dennis) #58

Having the same problem as described above.

Frustrating to do interfals when the app mail functions.

For example when you do an interval at 300watt and then the resting time at 100watt the trainer stays to produce 300watt resistance. Even when you start to pedal slower, and then when you have to do 300watt again the trainer cuts the resistance to 100watt. It’s like the resistance is behind. Please find a solution this is very annoying. Greets Dennis

(Michè) #59

Michèle Quilichini,
Having the same problèm today with a workout.
Elite drivo

(Huwelfedus) #60

Downloaded the updates today and did a workout, no ERG failings and everything changed as it was supposed to do.