ERG Mode issues w/ Saris H3

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Hi - ERG mode has stopped working completely for me with my H3. I have updated the firmware and calibrated via the Saris App. I’ve tried ANT+ and Bluetooth. I’m using Mac OS 10.13.6
I am beginning to think my H3 is faulty. Anyone got any tips?

Hi @James_Picking1

When you use ANT+ doe you connect as ANT+ FE-C for both power and controllable?

Hi Gerrie


I just tried the old trick of turning it off waiting 10 secs and on again (after the firmware update).

It started working after that … ERG hadn’t been working on the Saris App either, but now is. So I am hoping that’s sorted it.

Thanks for checking in


An update: Unfortunately the problem has returned. Twice tonight. I have to conclude the unit is faulty. Shame. I was just getting into Zwift and really enjoying it.

Sorry to hijack the post, but I’ve got exactly the same problem albeit with a Saris M2 Trainer… are these linked or is this a separate issue?

Essentially ERG Mode does not work correctly and there is no resistance change when riding in sim mode when cycling ‘up hill’

Running latest firmware on Saris, calibrated through Saris app, connected via Bluetooth to IOS on iPad.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My wife is having ERG mode issues with a Saris H3 similar to the post here. In the menu ERG is selected but when the workout starts the trainer does not adjust resistance. So the workout must be ended then when she selects the same workout again it works fine. Very odd. ATV and H3 connected through ATV bluetooth. Only other device is wahoo tickr. No companion app used. Anyone else experience this?

One thing that can happen if you pedal to slow and the trainer can’t meet the watt requirement it will turn off ERG and only turn it back on in the next block or when the pedaling speed pick up.

Similar problems here. Using a Saris H3, latest firmware, and an iPad running the last version of Zwift.

Last night I started a freeride up the Alpe, so SIM mode. The resistance of the gradient didn’t kick in until after turn 1.
I then started a short workout in ERG mode, and couldn’t hit the target watts because of this massive delay.
The trainer doesn’t respond to changes in resistance fast enough. Doing intervals is impossible like this.

Reading through the forums I see a lot of people having similar problems for quite some time now, but no solution so far. Can we get some support on this?

Hi @Dirk_Veldman welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Looking at your session logs on our server, I see some instances where you have multiple simultaneous logins. This will cause the symptom you’re describing.

End your Zwift session either by 1) saving & uploading ones you want to keep or 2) trashcanning ones you don’t. Swiping the app into the background isn’t the same thing as logging out.

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Hi @shooj and thanks for your reply! I’m unaware of multiple sessions, but I’ll try your suggestion next time when I’m on the trainer. Too hot here to be cycling indoors now :wink: will let you know if it helps, thanks!

@shooj I am having a terrible time hitting workouts in ERG on the H3. I’m using an Apple TV. Power goes way above and the down. I’ve never had this problem with my 2017 wahoo kicker. Everything is up to date. I calibrate through Roovey and the saris app. I tried to calibrate via Zwift once and nearly killed myself due to the amount of time it was taking to calibrate. I just quit and did my workout in the Xert workout player. Any idea on when this will be fixed? I understand you can’t give a dead line but this is rather frustrating. I my as well stop my Zwift subscription and do my workout win the Xert workout play or sell my brand new H3 for the new wahoo.