ERG Mode issues w/ Saris H3

Great! Thank you! I can’t imagine how busy you guys are right now.

Excellent news, thanks mate :+1::sunglasses:

I have the same issue. Connecting with Saris H3 via my Android Samsung phone but don’t get any resistance at all on Zwift. Don’t need to change gears even at 3-10% hills. I read somewhere else in the forum that this bug will be fixed and a new version of the game deployed next week.

Is the release still coming this week?
Want to know when I will be able to start my workout as my Ironman 70.3 is in September.
Thank you

Today. In the next few hours depending on how the release propagates to servers around the world.


All - the latest game version 1.0.50775 are live for Android, PC, and Mac.
iOS and AppleTV should go live shortly.

Android folks especially - please report back and let us know if this solved this issue!

I guess it takes a while for Android? No update yet in US Playstore.
Thanks for the hard work already, will jump on trainer and test as soon as downloaded

Hey guys,
Thank you and well done. Just tried it out and it is working fine.


What platform? It’s still not on US Playstore…

Hi @Thomas_NYC

Zwift app on Android got the update today. US

Not available for me yet, just checked the play store. 10:20 am EST

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I just opened the Zwift app on android and the download started.
V123 - 1.0.49821

EDIT: This is the April 30 version

Macbook in Ireland.

Shouldn’t it be 1.0.50775?


You are correct, just show when last I opened Zwift on my Phone. (I use my PC for zwifting)

No update here on Android.

Got it. Well I’m sure the download will happen at some point soon, if via Playstore or auto in app. We waited a long time, so these few hours don’t hurt, all good :slight_smile:

Android folks - we wanted to alert you that there’s some delays with Google Play store’s usually quick approval process.

More here:

Eureka. It’s here on android in US. Will take for a spin later today on the H3Screenshot_20200530-100400


Tried today. All good. Thanks