Elite Suito power readings

Hi Kartsen,

That should be great. I hope you will keep us updated with your progress with testing.

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Sarabraj you seem to have an offset that you have not selected and call it as “lag”, if you move the favero pedals to start earlier the two graphs should overlap very closely. Can you try this again?

By the way guys, we should start chilling out with the guys like DC Rainmaker/Shane Miller a bit. They are just big billboards and cheap advertising means for the industry at this point. If one unit that was given specifically is “perfect” does that make 20.000 units in batch production also good?

I feel I am scammed by this, I also watched the DC Rainmaker video and then bought it, NEVER AGAIN.


@THE_MIG that’s a good point, Elite could be sending them non production units that are “special”. I think Ray and Shane are genuinely interested in giving us accurate and unbiased info, but buyer beware as always.

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Hi Theo,
I’m sorry to hear of your Elite problems and everyone else’s also.
I feel it is extremely disappointing that manufactures continue to produce new products with problems from the start.
Updated versions of existing products should be bang on from the get go, all issues of the earlier version fixed. Is that too much to expect?

We all spend too much money on products that are often unfinished and so much of our time is wasted getting a replacement, or even just some advice.

As consumers we don’t need new trainers each year.
What we need, are products that work.

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GPLama hasn’t reviewed the Suito yet, because he has troubles with it :wink:

I was able to test the updated firmware I got from Elite support and it seemed to work pretty well. My Assioma and Elite were near identical.

The only issue was that in power mode in the Elite app the resistance wasn’t hitting what I had set it to, ex. Had it at on 200w (erg mode) and was averaging 175w on both my power meter and the trainer. At higher W it seemed to match up though. Will check it later on a TR or Zwift workout where hitting the erg target is important. Don’t really trust the Elite app.

Hello Matt.
did you do a test after 1 hour of use? Interesting if it shows too much😉

Yeah I did it after a long training ride, so well after an hour of use. My pedals and the trainer for the first time ever matched up, so that’s promising. Just have to make sure next time that erg mode is working as it should.

Hi Matt,
That is good news. Did you get a new Json file from Elite to download or firmware 191 via Elite app Upgrado?

Ben benieuwd!

It was a new Json file from Elite.

It seems to be fairly accurate between 200-300w, though sprints are still fairly off. I’ll have to do a little more playing around with it.

My results with a new JSON file. The Suito is referred too as ES in my files. My other powermeter is a dual sided Favero Assioma

Good results - but no high watts.

Decent - But still reporting low on high watts.

Decent is relative Matt, even at low watts the graphs above show that its off between 6%-12%, I returned my unit, I don’t want to become from a customer to an unpaid QC/QA tester. No freaking way.