Elite Suito power readings

I bought Elite Suito in October and I also don’t have a sticker with the spindown value. I’ve also seen some comments under Suito youtube videos that some people don’t have a sticker on a recently bought trainer. Uhm, my power readings on Suito seems to be low too…

This value should be somewhere, have they put this sticker in inside the trainer ?
I believe they have a lot of demands on the difference between the spindown calibration value and the sticker value, maybe it is the reason why the hide the sticker !?!
It should be interesting to ask the support where is the initial spindown value.

Answer from Elite Support about the absence of sticker :

For Suito hometrainer you don’t have to compare any value. The original spindown/offset is only a value that we have obtain here in Elite.

The calibration value is the time necessary to stop the system after the spin in milliseconds.

This time depends from a lot of variables, but the Suito that measure the speed can calibrate itself also with a long or short calibration (if you do a spin at 40km/h it needs more time to stop than you reach only the 30km/h).

For the Suito the standard calibration time is between 8000ms and 14000ms.

Only the Direto and Direto X have to compare the calibration offset with the original offset.

This the reason why we removed the sticker with original offset on actual production.

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I’m going through the same issue with my wlite suito as i write this… my trainer is currently reading around 15% too low compared to my power2max ngeco which has been tested recently and shown to be within 1% accurate.

The latest i had from elite was a request to record a workout) on both my suito and power meter and send them the .fit files to create a new power map for the trainer.


please try to create a free training, then follow this rules:

10 minutes of warm-up at approximately 180 watts
Point P1 = Speed 20kmh at level 1 for 45 seconds
Point P2 = Speed 10kmh at level 8 for 45 seconds
Point P3 = Speed 20kmh at level 6 for 45 seconds
Point P4 = Speed 40kmh at level 1 for 45 seconds
Point P5 = Speed 10kmh at level 14 for 45 seconds
Point P6 = Speed 30kmh at level 3 for 45 seconds
Point P7 = Speed 60kmh at level 2 for 45 seconds
Point P8 = at Speed 25kmh at level 10 for 45 seconds
Point P9 = Speed 35kmh at level 8 for 45 seconds
Point P10 = Speed 50kmh at level 6 for 45 seconds


However, some of the tasks set on level 8 or higher where impossible to match due to the high resistance on the device. I’ve sent my info in and will let you all know how i get on.

I also have no sticker so looks like they have removed them now due to the issues… reading through all the replies it sounds like mine is also similar, it is fine around 200-250w but higher intensity i always have much lower 5s/15s avg compared to similar riders I know and have ridden with IRL - and the above sounds like why. Will try the broom test… Interested to see what you hear back @Joe_Allen_BRT_Chaser


I’m in the process of sorting out the power readings on my Suito. I was 100% happy with the trainer - then I got some Assioma Favero Duos and discovered I was 10-20% down on power from the Suito (very variable, up to 50w + in sprints).

I’ve followed the process above. As a lightweight, it was pretty hard to do the level 7 at 20km/hr (Andrea at Elite sent me a different test protocol to the one above), as it was over 300w for 45 seconds. I was sent a JSON file which I loaded into the Upgrado app, it took about a minute, and went to test it - it is better, but still 8.8% out on average and more than 12% at higher power outputs. My spindown is also way off the sticker, at 9xxx and spindown calibration is 11xxx; when I first got it it was 10xxx. I also feel like the power readings have been getting lower over time, so this could be something to do with the spindown.

I’m only really caring about accuracy for Zwift racing and dual recording, not that I’m winning any races. Elite has been pretty supportive so far, but thought I’d share my experiences and will update once I’ve gone back with round 2 attempt to get it reading accurately.

Did anyone else manage to get theirs to reasonable accuracy? I’m very surprised people are so easily able to detect their readings are ‘low’ without a secondary power source or power meter, I was comparable to my IRL riding buddies on Zwift and the only thing I was surprisingly bad at was short climbs in hard races. I’d seriously never have been able to tell you I was 15% + down on power for anything above 230w.

EDIT: after spindown calibration my Suito is only out by a few % (so probably reading a little high because of drivetrain loss). Still out a fair bit for peak during sprint. But seems like this issue is fixable - if you have access to a power meter…

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oh boy!
I guess I have the same issue then? I have no way to compare it.
But since I’m a total overweight newbie I suppose it doesn’t affect me as much as most of you, right?
From what I understand, the factory readings are mostly ok-ish under 300W regions and since I just started training 6 or so weeks ago, I spend most of my rides under 200W
I will keep checking this thread from time to time to check if there’s a solution at some point (still dont want my efforts to be wrongly measured) and will keep factory settings for now as I have no way to check if a new calibration (with or without broom) will improve or worsen the readings.
I am currently on HW version 5 and Firmware 191.

I bought this summer an Elite suito, and thought it was a good trainer, good price for a direct drive. I came from a Tacx genius. I was really disappointed. For ERG mode I found that I missed 20-30% power, My FTP was much lower. The Suito had another problem, you shouldn’t connect it through ANT+ it is horrible, in ERG mode the power is all over the place. Took me two weeks to discover and decided to send it back, I was fed up by it. Lucky me (it really hurt my wallet) I bought the most expensive I could get and bought the Tacx Neo 2t. And there I was back on my old FTP.

I don’t think the broom calibration thing will really be accurate enough for the Suito to be used for dual recording. But if you’re not racing, who really cares anyway?

Mine is now running within 3% apart from during sprints. Firmware etc. is unlikely to fix any issues - I believe my Suito has now been mapped using my power meter figures. If you can borrow an accurate power meter (i.e. not a single sided or newer Shimano crank based one), or even rent one, you’ll be able to follow Elite instructions and get it mapped. Their support is good. It’s just a bit of an annoyance that some of these trainers need this to be accurate.

I have been struggling with the power readings on the Suito as well. I do the spindown claibration on MyEtraining regularly (cant get the one on Zwift to work) and Upgrado says firmware is current. I shared with Elite Support the power at various speeds, and they said it was ok. TBH im fine with a qualitative error in power - but my Garmin Vo2 readings have really dropped (relative to run) and I keep getting told Im “Unproductive”. I may have no choice but to splurge on a power meter.

I am curious to see if any of you who Sync with Garmin Connect have found a way around this ?


I picked up a new Suito-T last week, as a second turbo to alongside our Elite Muin B+, to allow both my kids to ride at the same time. Unfortunately we are having the same problem as people above with the Suito-T under reporting watts. Luckily I have the Muin and power cranks on their bikes, to allow for some comparisons.

As an overview, the Suito is recording a lot less watts than would be expected, and this seems to get worse the higher the watts go. My son can put out 1000w on a 5sec sprint on the Muin or on the road, cannot get above 650w on the Suito.

I wondered if my son was being a typical 16yr old and moaning, so I ran a test this morning. I did “Jon’s short mix” on Zwift on the Suito, which I did 2 weeks ago on the Muin B+. I have compared the power files for both. On the Muin I did the 3 600w 10sec sprints, hitting 600w and over. On the Suito I couldn’t get over 430w. I just couldn’t turn the pedals and go any harder. Doing the 10mins sweet spot on the Muin was as expected, but on the Suito I was working really hard and my HR was way up. NB this was in ERG mode and I’ll try it again in SIM mode and see the difference.

Obviously the Suito is controllable and when using it with Zwift we get feedback with resistance, which we didn’t get with the Muin (as that is one way to Zwift). But the resistance is WAY too hard. Hitting a 1& slope feels like a wall and you grind to a halt. That is with the resistance slider in Zwift at the default 50%.

B+ sensor on your Muin is a speed sensor, AFAIK.
That means Zwift uses a power curve and calculates ( =estimates) the power. I don’t know anything about the precision of Suito, but B+ is definitely not exact.

Garmin head unit and Zwift pick up the Muin B+ as power.

If it is using speed and a power curve it is very accurate, as it is with 2% of the power cranks on both my kids bikes. When doing a session the Garmin head unit or Zwift will ask whether to use the Muin for power or the cranks. It doesn’t matter which they pick as it is very close.

Whereas the Suito is miles off…

Ok, if you checked with powermeter must your Suito be wrong. Perhaps try to contact Elite support?

Contacted them but no reply. Having looked over the past few days, seems a lot of people are having the same problem…

Hi Sarabraj
Can you please share the EEPROM file you received from Elite?
Thanks a lot

I had the same problem. Over 200 watts aproximately 10% higher reading than my 4iiii PM. I pedalled
the cold trainer at 110 watts for 10 min. and than calibrated it once more with the recently updated myETraining app(win10). The deviation seems to come down under 5% over 250 watts.

Unfortunately today the deviance went up to aprox. %25 over 250watts. In some point of the training plan I was supposed to do 280 watts at 70 rpm. I had to stop pedaling as my PM- Garmin duo was reading 350 watts/70rpm and my legs got toested. Elite support says this is normal. I strongly not recommend this “trainer” for training purposes :frowning: