Elite Suito power readings

Did you time it so that it matched the factory calibration value under the unit?

Er, no. How do I do that?

Try multiple times with slightly different touches until you get it close? :slight_smile:

Has one taken or provided a video of how you actually do this?

BTW Mine got better this week… What I did:

  • Tried that premature stopping with a broom method (with the tip of my shoe) to get it close to the factory-calibrated value (which is 8955), that lead to really inaccurate and high power, as expected. I tried maybe 3 or 4 times to gradually increase the value (to slow it down less and less) to low and high 9xxx’s.
  • Decided to calibrate with the regular method again, got 10117. (my previous inaccurate value was somewhere in the 11xxx’s I think, not sure)
  • I did all these after the 15 minute mark in a rather slow (100/135w) ride… Before I always did these things after an hour or so of riding. I’ll compare results again and if not satisfied will try a recalibration after exactly 10 minutes of riding.

Here’s a dataset from tonight’s workout. The PM is a left-only Stages so should be taken with a grain of salt. But still it’s not looking great. You can drag the mouse (select an area) to zoom in and double click to zoom out. https://analyze.dcrainmaker.com/#/public/deacfd98-f673-4ea5-562f-9f0673726c9b

Don’t need a video, the procedure is simple, I explain how to do this in this topic (go up :wink: )

I also try the Zwift calibration which is not so bad, in climbs it is similar to the elite calibration with the factory value. But on flats, feelings are strange, like a permanent break on the wheel.
So for now I always use the factory calibration and I enjoy riding with my Suito !

I posted in another thread about my Elite Suito. Brand new, calibrated with the Elite app as per their instructions, it was obviously way off because despite collecting a new MaxHR (since I returned to Zwift) on the very first ride it refused to raise my w/kg above 2.8. I wasn’t even able to finish the ride (3R True 2) as when I got dropped it didn’t allow me enough power to get back on. See the picture for full details:

So after ONE ride I sent it back and got a Wahoo Core (only just available to me) and will do a couple of test rides later today.
Oh and you might ask why is my weight red in the above chart? I don’t understand myself, because INCREASING my weight from 63kg to 65kg certainly doesn’t help me and I was simply being honest about the extra weight I put on while I was away from Zwift!

Going back to the Elite Suito, I was adamant I did not want a repair or replacement and to be fair to the supplier, they honoured my request.

Zwiftpower highlights max and min in each column. It’s useful for races, less useful for a single person.

I have the same problem, someone managed to solve?


I have purchased one a few weeks ago. My first mid-range direct drive. I have as well a kikr snap (which had to be replaced at some point for crazy power, but this is another story). I am a heavy cat B who can only do well in flat races due to its sprints…So I was a bit surprised when i went from peak power at 1400W and average 15s at 1000W to…peak power at 1000W and average 15s at 700/750W. Now the kikr snap is not the most accurate thing…So I thought maybe that was just normal until I started to read all those threads about high power reading low on the suito. I have no issues for other power reading, my average at 300 odd watts are the same as kikr snap. I have calibrated via etraining and zwift, same thing. I am on firmware 191 and hardware revision 005. I logged a ticket today and I asked about the wheel circumference default at 2070mm. they suggested I enter my real wheel circumference (well the front one…700x28C in my case so 2136mm). I am still not peaking at 1400W but I can average 1000Watts again over 15s. I do not get this at all. They provided no explanation on how the wheel circumference setting makes any difference (since there is no wheel anyway!)

Hi, i’ve been using your “calibration method”.

On the standard calibration procedure, i get offset values a bit higher than the factory offset, and comparing with a power meter, the suito values are way off (~20% less power) starting on the 200w… when hitting 300w or more, than the error is even greater than 20%…

When calibrating and trying to obtain the same or similar offset than factory, i find quite accurate data when comparing to my crank power meter readings, on a wide power readings range.

So, i’m sticking with this method :slight_smile:


It sounds good !
Nice if my method could increase your feelings with the Suito which is very good with original spin down settings.
I’ve got now a DiretoXR in order to have a better flywheel and accurate power measurements.

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Elite has updated their My E-Training App recently. I read that the calibration spindown is now much better. Did anybody test this already?

Hi, I’m having low readings on my Suito. Bought it last year and it worked flawlessly. Did a comparison last year and power was within 10 watts compared to Stages.
When i now started my “indoor season” power is really off. Have done several spindown calibration via Elites app. Couldn’t understand why I didn’t manage my 4 x 4 intervalls or why I had such low power in Zwift races so i hooked up my roadbike with Stages left side metering. In average power is off about 17% which I think is way off. Have emailed Elite - will se what they say…
Edit: cant include links in my post but here is my analyze (without https): ://zwiftpower.com/analysis.php?set_id=62448

Hi Claes,
yes something is really not right. I went from an FTP of 340W to about 280 on this new trainer. I just tried David’s method of stopping the wheel with a broom during calibration and guess what…I seem to have my power back. This is a bit crazy… Thanks David for sharing :grinning:. I haven’t tried sprinting yet to see if I hit high power again. I will log another ticket with Elite because they should really provide a firmware fix.

I feel my new Suito under reports watts compared to my old Tacx Flow Smart. The readings, based on my feelings (i don’t have a power meter), are 20-30W lower.
By the way, where is the calibration number sticker? I can’t find it under the trainer, there are other stickers but not the calibration one.

That is not that strange. I had the flow as well and it is just not as accurate because it is a wheel on. Compared to my power meter the Suito is much more accurate than the flow. The flow was 40 watts too high for me, there are a lot of people who experience a power drop going from wheel on to direct drive.

So sorry, but you are losing some of your powers :wink: