Denied achievement on Ride to Sky

What? That’s when I started using Zwift. I ride almost daily

My mobile app won’t let me copy a link.

Did you save them all as private?

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I think my profile is public

Here is a screenshot

Your profile is or I wouldn’t be able to see your activities, but they must have been saved as private since October 31 as you can see they arent listed. Your ride stats do say you’ve done 107 miles in the last 7 days.

I would suggest you’ve set your privacy settings so only yourself can see your rides.

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Thanks for that. I changed my setting to public. Didn’t realize my activity was private. Now hopefully someone can help me figure out why Zwift didn’t give me the achievement for completing Ride to the Sky.


Still can’t see any activities after October.

You’ll have to change each activity as the setting only applies to new activities.

Change the alpe one for now.

I changed my privacy setting to public earlier in this discussion when it was pointed out to me that it was private. I just double checked to make sure it is set to public.

I’ll have to figure out how to change a setting for an individual activity. I don’t know how, and I’m using a mobile device

Okay. See if you can view my Ride to Sky activity now.

I’m guessing the individual setting is here in Companion:

Can see your Road to Sky activity now. All looks legit. Was this your first time ever doing that route?

I can see it now.

Can’t see anything obvious.
An inadvertent u-turn is the usual culprit.

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You “only” had to cross the line at the top to get a prize from the spin wheel. But unfortunately there are lots of things can stop you from getting a route badge, such as u-turns, multiple logins or other glitches.

Noticed you had ‘Trial Expired’ on your activity pictures. Googled problem and found same thread on this forum. Link below might point you to the reason.


That’s definitely the explanation. Happened to me too. You don’t get a route badge when you cross the finish line in trial expired mode. And you don’t get drops too.

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I appreciate all the responses to my inquiry. Last night I was contacted by Zwift Support. I was told they checked their database and my route was registered correctly, but there must have been an error at the time of the data transfer to Zwift. I was told Zwift was going to manually grant the achievement badge, which should have occurred automatically. They said it would take a few days, maybe as long as a week. I’ll let everyone know whether this happens. Thanks again to all!