Badges do not show

Hi, I have completed a route and rode 100k but did not receive the corresponding badges.
During (!) my ride the message popped up that my trial expired even though I am an automatic renewal. I could finish and save the ride but not earn the badges. Logging in again after the ride the message was gone, I guess the renewed subscription was recognized. However still no badges.

How can I get the badges now?


That is the behaviour of Zwift App - no badges when trial / subscription expire. I use Zwift in winter only and tested this last summer. With 25 km trial you can start a ride, ride more than 25 km, but when expired I got no more drops and no badges. But you get the XP.

Yes but the thing is that I am not on trial, I am on automatic renewal. It just happens that the month over month change fell exactly into my ride. The app recognized that the prior month ended but did not recognize the new month is starting.
And I still want my badges…

Marco, I have my credit card added to my Zwift account directly on Zwift web site, and I never had problems like this. It sounds like you might be using a third party payment system which does not work too well - or rather takes some time to get payment processed - perhaps a time/date difference effect if you are not in the U.S.?. Did you know you can log in into zwift on with the same login name and password as you use for Zwifting, and it has all your account and payment setup there? Just change your billing to a direct billing from your credit card and cancel the payment method which you have set up now. Then, Zwift will bill you when time comes rather than payment system sending payment to Zwift when the payment system thinks it is time.