Current Issues with Elite Direto Trainers

No, can’t say that I have.


Do you work for Elite? The things you keep posting here aren’t at all consistent with the information and videos that Elite publishes on their website, forums, and youtube videos.

You keep saying that no one should ever adjust their belt tension w/o prior ‘approval’ from Elite - but there’s a mountain of posts on the subject already - including replies from Elite representatives. When to do it, how to do it correctly, etc.

Since you seem to have some knowledge the rest of us are lacking, maybe you can tell us the technical reason that the spindown calibration in the app is all that’s required for accurate power measurement - even in cases where the reported offset has drifted over time to be significantly different from the factory setting?

Because I’m not getting it.

Elite made this video for a reason: and seems really quite clear that the app ‘calibration’ is just checking the offset each time an adjustment is made and it’s only when the reported offset matches the factory number that calibration is complete.

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hi Joe,

My knowledge about this topic depends I spent a lot of time with support Elite for my Direto. The support had teached me how the offset is needs for a accurate power measurement. The offset is the friction between the big pulley of Direto and the sensor near the flywheel. The friction changes if you tensioning the belt and the offset will change.
Now the question is when I must tensioning the belt.
The reasons could be :

  • to change the belt because is damage
  • the belt slips
    The support told me in a normal use of trainer the belt will be strech the so Offset could be decrease some units, if the offset decrease down over 5-6 units, the belt could be slip in this case i s raccomended contact the Elite support to describe the situation and will be probable to tensioning the belt.
    When you tensioning the belt correctly you will need to have a device to check the tension of the belt but the customers don’t have this device so is possible tensioning the belt with the Offset to restabilize the friction of the belt how was at the begin from the manufacturer (put the same offset the target below the trainer).

The video which you have showed had been erased by Elite because wasn’t interpreted correctly. Now there are two new videos : first how to change the belt , second how to tensioning the belt. these videos are send only for the customers who must change the belt or had had the approvation by Elite to tensioning the belt.

I hope to will be usefull.

Hi all,

Just bought the Elite Direto. My problem is that I am always cycling in the same gear (52-16 or so), my power is around 250 Watts and if i do a flat part i ride around 40 kph and when i go climbing at for example 7 % i ride around 14-15 kph which is the same 250 watt more or less, so for that all is normal. Only problem is that resistance doesnt change as it seems, i ride for 250 watt for one hour long no matter if the track goes up or down. The speed adapts correctly depending on the steepness of the track, but what do i need to do to make the resistance change :frowning: strange to ride hilly roads on a 52-14 gear at 14 kph while still doing 100 rpm lol.

Hi Jeffrey,
pls be sure to connect to the “Elite FE-C” (under controllable) otherwise Zwift is not able to change the resistentance.

I’m having problem with lack of resistance with my Elite Direto, and it’s always to easy. I’m always on the biggest gear (ERG disabled)

My setup is

Elite Direto Firmware 3.10(235)
Mac Book Pro IOS 10.3.6

Hi Jonathan,

do you have this problem during a simulation training or program training?
pls be sure to connect to the “Elite FE-C” (under controllable) otherwise Zwift is not able to change the resistance.
If you want which trainer adjust the resistance during a program you need to enable the “ERG” on the settings of Zwift.

Hello Alessio

I always have this problem, i can’t find “Elite FE-c” under contollable, On the Zwift Mac Pro app i can only find Di66. (Se pic) on the Apple TV it’s named Direto only when you pair.

I want to change the gear myself (i have disable the ERG mode)
But in race etc it’s to easy resistance and going on the biggest gear for example upphill, never going above 2.3w/kg mostly.

I’m connecting

the direto via bluethoot.

You can’t see an FE-C option because you are connecting to the trainer via bluetooth instead of ANT+.

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It is correct because you use BLE ( FE-C in ANT).
Have you tried to contact support Elite? Have you tried to use my-Etraining? When you use MyEtrining it write the weight of user correctly and otheer paramenters before a training.

Hello Mr Alessio,

Yes, i’ve contacted Elite support, they haven’t comeback to me yet (2 days)

I’ve calibrated the Direto to the right number and the other parameters are correct, with my E-training app the resistance work.

I will continue today to try to solve the problem and also get me ANT´dongel, and try if it works better

Here’s a new one -

I was riding the Watopia Pretzel yesterday. About half-way through, my Direto started making a loud knocking sound. It’s not caused by the cassette, or anything hitting the flywheel on the outside - and it’s never made a sound like this before.

I’ve already sent this video to Elite support, and I’m still waiting for a reply. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and - if so - what was the fix?

Damaged belt is the culprit.

Chances are the when pairing your Direto with Zwift the Controllable trainer connection didn’t select the right option. Or sometimes it connects properly and there are still issues and you’ll need to restart Zwift. Make sure when you’re pairing the Power/Cadence/Controllable you’re selecting Elite FE-C option for all

Another user suffering all these issues with Zwift and Elite Direto.
I’m running Zwift in an iPad Air 2 connecting to Wahoo Tickr, Wahoo RPM cadence and the Direto all by BLE.

I started using Zwift in April last year and for around 3 months all was great. I was riding on daily basis, mainly in workout mode without any issues. Then sometime after June/July 2018, something changed in Zwift and I started to have the issues described in this thread all the time. Both in sim and workout mode (ERG enabled) are having random resistance issues. In the middle of a workout with ERG enabled, the resistance starts to fluctuate from almost none to the point were I can barely spin the pedals.
In sim mode I can’t sprint at all. Even on a 52/11 combination and pedalling at +100 RPM the resistance is so low that I cannot go beyond 250-350w. Then on a flat resistance is going up to the point it feels I’m climbing a 10% slope for a few seconds then back to normal and so on and so forth.

I’m in the software industry for years now, always in technical roles. I understand bugs always happen and sometimes is difficult to find and squash them but in this case, we are talking of months, almost a year and all we keep getting is ridiculous and random workarounds with no backing technical explanation at all.

I’m on my second support request with Zwift.
Last year I opened another one reporting the same issues without getting any solution after several logs, escalations and emails sent.
Unfortunately this one seems to be going down the same path.

At this point if I don’t get a serious/proper solution in the short term I will cancel my subscription until they fix all this problems. Why should I keep paying for a subscription to a service that I can’t use due to its long running technical issues?

Hello everyone,

finally my issues have been solved. My problem was resistance going to zero every n seconds and resistance non changing in line with the gradient (actually it was almost always the same in climbs regardless of the gradient) I went through a long troubleshooting (sending several files from different applications) with Elite Customer Service and finally they sent me a new board.
all the issues were immediately solved.

Hope this may help

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I have an Elite Direto since a month.
I am still in the trouble-shooting phase as I have also problems reported before.

Namely, there is an overshooting resistance always at BEGINNING of climbs for 1-2sec with very strong resistnace, before balancing out. Also on Incline changes from >2% this happens all the time. When gradient declines there is an UNDERshoot of resistance and I cannot switch gears fast enough, before resistance kicks back in and it is too hard again.
This all speaks to a delay in communication and only affects free ride mode on climbs. I got used to it while it diminishes fun on the device.
I want to trouble-shoot by connecting via ANT+ to my iPad instead of BLE that I use right now…

But now I experienced something else.
During FTP test in the Non-Erg session, but also if the Smart Trainer IS NOT COUPLED as steerable device there are constant small resistance changes once I am on high watts. It goes up and down with resistance just a bit, but changing every second. Very annoying when at your borders.

I found a description from a Sufferfest user that this is because the Direto tries to balance out uneven Flywheel spinning (e.g. not homogenous power input). Did somebody else experience the same? And waht to do about it?

Have borrowed a Direto from a friend to try out. Did a free ride last week, which was fine. Today I tried Jon’s Short Mix on erg mode. Suffice to say I don’t think I’ll be buying a Direto based on the experience…

There were 2 problems. Firstly the trainer was hanging onto the resistance after 150% FTP intervals - not nice! I had to stop pedaling before it would release.

The other problem was the trainer didn’t seem able to cope with sprint intervals in the gear I was using (smallest cog at back / small ring). I was plateauing at around 650 watts. This has never been an issue on my Tacx Bushido.

Maybe there are ways of solving this, but given Zift is such a massive part of any turbo’s use, I’d expect better out of the box. It could be this is sorted in the latest versions, but I think I’ll look elsewhere based on my experience.

Hi Chris,
About the resistance hanged, a possibile reson for that the trainer hasn’t received the command message from the sw. As it’s a wireless communication, it’s normal that some messages may lost. It’d be different if that’s happen all the time.

The max power that Direto can reach depends on the speed. Likely if you use a higher gear ratio, or higher cadence, Direto can make it easily.