Elite Direto with Swift

I have the Direto in use and since yesterday the Direto is not adjusting the resitance anymore. I use the Direto with Zwift and everything worked fine since yesterday, but during my training the Direto did not adjust the resistance in line with the slope. Also wenn I use the Direto with the MyTraining App the resistance is now always the same. When I use a high gear I have to pedail around 450 watts in a flat terrain. I use the Direto with the I-Phone 6 via Bluetooth and switched everthing off already and tried to reconnect but nothing changes. Has anyone the same problem and knows how to fix it?

Carsten- Did you have issues getting your Direto paired with Zwift?  I got mine setup the other day and Zwift sees it and pairs it as an ANT+ device but whenI start to ride it sees my RPMs but my person never starts to ride  I feel like I am doing something wrong in my setup-


Update- user error.  Removed my old chinese power meter and all is good now