No resitance

(Paul Winder) #1

For some reason my Elite Direto has lost any resistance when on rides on Zwift - I dread the moment when I am coming to an incline and I am hoping to start feeling some resistance, I just start spinning and then I have to get up to 120 rpm just to hit 3kw when I can normally ride at that as a workout and hit more when on a “normal ride” feature.
This happens both on Bluetooth and ANT - On Bluetooth it will not pair up to the controllable pairing, but pairs with everything else. On ANT it pairs with everything but again, no resistance.
Can anyone help - need some resistance

(Matt) #2

Did you test on the Elite app? I suddenly lost resistance w/my Elite Realtour B+. However, when I tried the Elite videos, there’s no resistance there either. Company said equipment failure and I’m out of warranty. :confounded: