To much resistance on elite direto since calibration on Zwift app

Is this problem new? i have my elite direto since two year now and never did any calibration. My data was pretty much the same with other trainer. Someone told my to calibrate in the Zwift app by clicking on the wrench icon. Big mistake… since I have done that it is like I can’t push like I use to. There seems to be to much resistance. I know when I am pushing watts but now I can hardly go over 300w. I tried to go to elite app to recalibrate but it’s not changing the problem in Zwift. I am thinking about canceling my Zwift account because it is impossible for me to ride with anyone now. Can anybody help with that problem?

I have the same problem, did you find a way to resolve it?

I suggest calibrating again in the Elite app.

This is a random problem for me, using ipad and tacx flux …one day its fine and the next it isn’t… no matter what I try i cannot resolve it. I suspect its zwift causing the random problem as when I try the tacx app the resistance feels as expected when I change the incline .

Hello, any updates from any of you?
I have the same issu since I change the card.
The HT seems to be “on brakes” like -10% of power.
After a few tries I finally get a better set up but I felt like +15% overpowered and made some no sense high power ride.