Crashing during game launch? [Windows] [November 2021] [1.19.0] [SOLVED]

Finally managed to install 1.19.1 after a week of Z117 errors.

Zwift support could not identify the problem.

The fix came by connecting my PC to my mobile phone as a hotspot and 1.19.1 installed fine.

Not sure why Zwift would not update on my own network. My network has never had this problem before.

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Same. Update process failed multiple times. After turning off VPN and Virus-Protection and completely re-installing Zwift in Admin-Mode, I finally managed to finish the installation + update. Unfortunately, the App now crashes upon startup and became unusable.

Windows 10 Pro - 64 Bit
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super
Driver: DCH 471.41

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I am currently unable to log in or complete updates with any of my Windows devices. I first notice the script error on my surface pro with windows 11. Then I tried my other systems that used to work with zwift. They all asked for updates which took forever to update, and the only one I managed to upgrade refused to login.

Apple is still working adequately

Every time I load Zwift on my Windows 10 computer with Intel graphics card the screen goes black. I have to restart my computer a few times before it work. Ironically, I almost missed Eric Min’s Thanksgiving Day ride because of it. I am amazed this has not been fixed yet as it has been what 10 days so far.

It is much more than 10 days, there are (known) issues with Intel iGPUs. Some users had solved the issues with downgrade to old drivers, try to search in forum.


New version 1.19.2 is said to fix the login problem on Windows and the Z-code problem too.


Today’s release v1.19.2 resolves the Z117 error code during launch. Would you update and let us know that’s cleared up for you?


Just updated and using Zwift now.

Seems to be working.

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The same problem

just reporting it is not working for me :frowning:

seems to be stuck at [16:20:44 2021-11-30] Launcher: Checking for VerCur Override