Intel integrated graphics gen 10 and 11

Same problem, now I’m using rouvy. I’ve bought my pc in September. Any solution?

Zwift doesn’t crash for me but the screen freezes for 2s to 20s (then continues) at 38 to 39minutes of riding. Every…single…time. I’ve been ignoring the issue but would like to go back to racing. Not feasible if it freezes as I would get dropped in a heartbeat.

Dell XPS 13 9310
11th Gen Intel i7-1185G7 @ 3.00GHz
16.0GB RAM / 1TB SSD
Intel Iris XE graphics :frowning:

The freeze between 38 and 39 minutes is almost certainly when Zwift automatically takes a screenshot - it fits the timing of that. In my setup it creates a visible stutter (<= 1s) but never a longer freeze period. If your spec didn’t say SSD I would have guessed that it could be because of slow disk access on a HDD blocking the process. Something in the in-game implemenation is definitely suboptimal.

Brilliant! Never thought about the auto screenshot. If I try to snap a manual picture (via Companion) then it also freezes for 2-20sec. I didn’t connect the dots.
First, I need to figure out if I can turn off the auto screenshot and, 2nd-why does it freeze so long?

Edit: I’ll turn off Image Uploading in settings and see if that works. If not, maybe something to twiggle in the prefs file?

There isn’t any extra settings to tweak directly in prefs.xml.
What you can try is to exclude the Pictures\Zwift folder from scanning in your antivirus software and see if it makes a difference.

My pc is OK for first 30 min more or less, after that any extra ops I make (like click a ride on or enter in menù) is probably that cause a crash,also the 38th minute is very hard to pass

Try this from my post above:
I’ll try to make this brief…

It appears I now have Zwift working with no crashes!

I was using Intel’s driver updates, but Intel told me to use my laptop manufacturer’s updates (Dell).

In this thread, or maybe another, someone said to install x driver from March 2020. I didn’t have the same option, but I installed the Dell driver from March 2020, and this seems to have fixed the Zwift crashing issues.

Intel and Zwift don’t seem to care, and Dell discourage using out of date driver updates, but what I did works for Zwift.

I’ve done about 18 hours or more, across about 14 rides and everything has worked well.

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After being pointed in the right direction by Jesper I thought I’d post my experiences. For me, screen capture is an issue.
Zwift on my laptop screen capture takes <1s and file size is 400kb
Screen capture after projecting to large screen take 2-20s and file size is 2MB

I changed laptop projection to ‘duplicate’ vs ‘extend’ and screen capture is <1s (uses laptop screen)

I’m projecting to large screen via USB-c to dongle with HDMI.

Finally, in settings I changed ‘Image Uploading’ to ‘Never’ and the system no longer automatically tries to take a screen capture at 38minutes.

I’m happy as it has solved my problem and I can jump into races now. Thanks.

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Could be final solution?

Update 1.19.1 - November 18th
We’ve released update 1.19.1 for PC to address a crashing issue on launch. No other platforms are impacted by this issue.

  • Fixed a crash that would occur at login on some PC devices with Intel graphics cards.

If you encounter anything unusual with this update, please post in the thread below.

See you in Watopia, Ride On!

Randy thanks for your feedback. I’ve been having same freeze up. Just changed image upload to never and changed resolution to low. I was already set for duplicate. Hope it works for me. Thanks again.

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It happened again, right this instant.

Can’t auto save at least up to where the game crashed? It is a shame to lose your training every time.

Help please

These are the data from my computer:

Windows 11 Home
Display Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics
Driver version
It would be nice for Zwift to constantly save the ride data, for example after every kilometer traveled, so in case of problems, you’ll never lose the activity carried out until that moment.


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You’re posting in the wrong thread, which doesn’t help. This one was about the game crashing on launch, not an hour later.

Anyway your problem sounds like this: Crash mid game (PC) - #3 by Dave_ZPCMR

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Thanks Dave,
I have read your post, but it is now closed and I cannot reply from there.

So, my problem is not solvable?

I got a new PC and now I can no longer use Zwift for this reason? I do not understand. Will there be a way to update Zwift and prevent this from happening?

Sorry but I’m not very familiar with the forum. Do you suggest me to open a new thread?

Thanks again

Hi @Mauro_Vespasiano

I moved your post here to keep it on topic and so you can get more help.

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There is a problem with using Zwift on the integrated graphics within 10th and 11th generation Intel processors, which causes the game to freeze randomly. It seems like that’s the problem you’re having too, so Gerrie has moved your post and mine into this thread. In the post I’ve linked to are a few other links where people have rolled back their Intel display drivers and the problem has gone away. You should give that a go, because as far as I’m aware there’s no fix from Zwift at the moment. :+1:

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Has anyone verified if the very latest 101 drivers work?

Yes I have in the week before Christmas. Bought a new Lenovo laptop in october and had crashes all the time. Intel I5, 10 gen, UHD graphics. Installed the drivers released Dec 3rd 2021 and did approx 8 1-hour sessions since and a 3 hour run of ‘Just watch’. No crashes till this point. So slightly positive.
Currently I use Zwift as follows: ‘run as administrator’, screen: ‘windowed’, resolution: medium 720; laptop battery saver: max battery saver.
Did not check high grahpics yet.

Note: when trying to update, laptop told me I had the latest drivers ( I installed a tool from Intel: Intel driver and support assistant installer (DSA); ( com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html). This detects the new drivers and have you install them.
2 note: the install warned me that this would override the ‘standard’ Lenovo drivers (apparently I have those); which i did; since then no issues with Zwift crashing yet.

Hope this helps for other people in this thread as well.

Ride on!

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Hi Brian do you know which driver you downloaded??

See here: Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride - #378 by Peter_Gross

Note that this won’t work on Windows 11.

I am having your exact same problem with the same Lenovo laptop, will install the latest driver and see how it goes - thanks for the post