Connecting Garmin Heart Rate monitor

Hey Andy- I have the same issue. I can’t get in contact with zwift and my garmin tri hrm won’t connect. Have you had any luck?

I have the same issue with my Garmin HRM Tri also
Worked fine and connected on Jan 2nd but stopped working on the 3rd
Zwift connects fine with everything else as normal just not my HRM
Ive tried all the suggestions as descirbed as above also, but with no success

I’m having the same issues. I have an Ant+ Dongle and it appears to be registering with Zwift as it flashes on the Zwift screen. I wondered if something was interfering with the signal. I decided to ride using my Garmin 935; I notice that the heart rate monitor was not being picked up on my watch either. All batteries changed out. So, I then unplugged the Dongle and my heart rate suddenly appeared on my watch. So, either the Dongle is pooched or there is some type of signal interference.

I have just purchased a new Garmin dual HRM and the bluetooth connectivity doesn’t seem to work properly, the Kickr connects fine and it connects to everything else not Zwift??

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Here is the solution that I found but only works if you have a Garmin watch. Basically, you need to start a ‘virtual run’ activity on your watch. Then your watch will appear on Zwift heart rate. If you use HR strap, your watch will send data from the strap to Zwift.

Watch the video by DC rainmaker on youtube by the title;
# Quick Tips: Broadcast Garmin Optical HR to Apps Like Zwift // ANT & Bluetooth

Hope this helps


This known issue needs to be resolved - clearly from this thread it has been going on for months! My garmin dual HRM uses bluetooth and has been working for months. all of a sudden a month ago it stopped working. I see it is connected to bluetooth in settings but in game in zwift when i search it, it doesn’t show up. I have ANT + also as a workaround wondering if this particular dual HRM could also work on ANT+ and if so how? My other sensors are working.

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Hmmm no solutions on the forum. I have new garmin dual hrm, use Zwift on iPhone and use a Wattbike. Worked fine first time but now only recognised at setup page but HR zero. Works fine on garmin edge explore. Any thoughts?

I have the same problem.
HRM Dual connects to my Garmin fenix 5s, everything works fine, battery is relatively new.
In the Zwift app on my iphone the HRM Dual is connected but shows 0 bpm.
Please fix it urgently

I have a similar issue (sorry latching on to this as I don’t seem to be able to create a new issue).

In my case, yesterday Zwift on my android phone auto-updated, and since then my ant+ power meter won’t connect at all. I know all is well with the power meter because it successfully connects with my Garmin.

Hi - did your issue not get fixed? Have a similar problem. My garmin HRM connects to my garmin watch but Zwift on my iPhone does not pick it up. My garmin app is deleted don’t think any other apps are using the HRM. Any help appreciated.

I didn’t have an issue.

Anyways, which Garmin HRM? Most are ANT+ only and Zwift on iOS is Bluetooth only.

oh ok, must have misread the thread discussing this. So currently my garmin watch uses ANT+ to connect to my HRM? Both are old so maybe that shouldn’t surprise me. thanks~!

Have the garmin dual was working fine for a year on PC windows 10. Last few weeks its been acting up, changed battery etc

It connects but reads as 0.

tried my Ipad and connected straight away no issues. Has to be a Windows 10/PC issues

I just bought a new Garmin HRM Dual (Ant+ / Bluetooth).

  • It connects to my Iphone and shows HR. Turn-off Iphone bluetooth.
  • It connects to my Garmin 820 and shows HR. Turn-off Garmin device.
  • I launch Zwift on my laptop and I’m able to connect to it in the Pairing Screen, but HR shows 0. Alternates between No Signal and 0. No Ant+ dongle connected to laptop.
  • On the same laptop, I launch Rouvy. It connects to HRM monitor and shows correct HR.

What the heck?


Since you’re using Bluetooth and not ANT+ it’s possible that other apps on the laptop are hijacking the Bluetooth signal before the Zwift app fires up. Some apps like Garmin Connect run in the background when you start the computer.

If you’re tech savvy enough to go into the OS settings - try to disable them from running on startup. Worse case you can uninstall Garmin Connect / Rouvy to test this possibility

Here is the environment;
I’m using a new Dell XPS 13" laptop (9310) running Windows 10 Home (Build: 19042.804)
16GB / 1TB SSD
7 startup apps including Zwift Launcher, OneNote, Intel Graphics, Realtek, etc. Nothing bluetooth related and no Garmin background tasks.
No Ant+ stick connected.
Not connecting my trainer at this time, just the HRM

Here is my process;

  • Wet Garmin HRM Dual strap and put on.
  • Turn on computer and wait for boot
  • Launch Zwift. Connects to HRM but pairing screen shows 0bpm or No Signal (alternates)
  • Close Zwift.
  • Launch Rouvy. Connects to HRM and shows current heart rate.
  • Close Rouvy.
  • Launch Tacx app. Connects to HRM and shows current heart rate.
  • Close Tacx app.
  • Launch Zwift again. Same as above; connects to HRM but pairing screen shows 0bpm or No Signal.
  • Close Zwift.
  • Take off Garmin HRM Dual monitor and put on Wahoo Tickr HRM monitor (after wetting strap).
  • Launch Zwift. Connects to Wahoo HRM and shows current heart rate. Everything is good.

Zwift, I think there are enough posts on these forums that demonstrate there is some type of issue using a Garmin HRM-Dual (Bluetooth) with your application. Maybe Garmin’s implementation of bluetooth?
Anyway for me, I’ll just use the Wahoo Tickr HRM and move on.

Hope this helps others who might be experiencing the same issue.


I entered to try to find a solution but what I see is that Zwift has an issue connecting the HRM Dual Bluetooth…Ive tried everything and Zwift keeps searching and never finds the HRM.

I wonder if it Apple would not be the problem actually. Tried to connect my Garmin belt with Zwift on my Iphone 11: no success today (Friday was fine). I switched for my old Samsung S9 and it worked immediately because Samsung propose Bluetooth & ANT+, not Apple. Shame.