Connecting Garmin Heart Rate monitor

Hey Andy- I have the same issue. I can’t get in contact with zwift and my garmin tri hrm won’t connect. Have you had any luck?

I have the same issue with my Garmin HRM Tri also
Worked fine and connected on Jan 2nd but stopped working on the 3rd
Zwift connects fine with everything else as normal just not my HRM
Ive tried all the suggestions as descirbed as above also, but with no success

I’m having the same issues. I have an Ant+ Dongle and it appears to be registering with Zwift as it flashes on the Zwift screen. I wondered if something was interfering with the signal. I decided to ride using my Garmin 935; I notice that the heart rate monitor was not being picked up on my watch either. All batteries changed out. So, I then unplugged the Dongle and my heart rate suddenly appeared on my watch. So, either the Dongle is pooched or there is some type of signal interference.

I have just purchased a new Garmin dual HRM and the bluetooth connectivity doesn’t seem to work properly, the Kickr connects fine and it connects to everything else not Zwift??