Connecting Garmin Heart Rate monitor

Same issue, Zwift never finds the HRM. Any solution or still silence, Zwift?

You would need to give us more info on your setup to better assist you.

I’m having the same issue. I am using an apple tv and the companion app. Garmin connect is closed and no other connections other than the ant + to my garmin 1030. I cannot get it to connect to zwift

Zwift on AppleTV is Bluetooth only and most Garmin HRM are ANT+ only except for the Dual.

The Zwift Companion App cannot bridge ANT+, only Bluetooth.

Yes, apologies I have the dual band garmin. So it should work. It used to but does not anymore

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I have had the same issues with my Garmin HRM using iPad and Zwift and not getting a connection. I have given up trying to get a fix as there appears to be no solution offered. I borrowed a friend’s Wahoo Tickr and it linked easily. I ordered myself one and this one too links seamlessly. Good to get heart rate showing again, but cost me more money! ( My wife did comment on the amount of money I spent on cycling!)
Hey ho! I’ll continue to use the Garmin HRM for outdoors rides where it works perfectly with my Edge 530!

I think the point here is Zwift customer service. This has been going on for over a year now and Zwift help just hide away unless someone finds a temporary fix and then just pop up to say ‘well done’. I’ve no idea if it’s a Zwift, Garmin or IOS problem but it clearly ONLY happens on the Zwift app. I’ve emailed their technical help directly and they don’t even respond at more. It’s unbelievably poor and they clearly don’t have a clue how to fix it.

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Reading this painfull topic and doing some research …

I’m mostly using an Android Lenovo tablet for Zwifting. Worked for months, suddenly about a week ago the Garmn HRM connected (with bluetooth) but was giving the “no signal” (from hell) message. I changed the battery, no change, still not working. Then I started reading long discussion on this forum. ipad, windows, android, … no replies, people frustrated.

It all boiled down to 1 thing : if the Garmin HRM is connected over Bluetooth, it can in reality only have one connection. That’s a bluetooth thing. What I found is that some strange reason, the Garmn HRM was also connected … as a bluetooth device, outside of Zwift. So : go to bluetooth devices and yes : there it was … And it seems that’s what the Zwift app can’t deal with. so I removed the bluetooth connection (in Android : Forget in the bluetooth settings). Opened the Zwift app and … voila. Magic happened. Found the Garmin HRM and the heartbeat reading. Just did a training and it worked again like it’s supposed to be.

Hi this has happened to me 2 x now resulting in 2 purchases of a Garmin HRM dual which works great until 3-4 months. When my iPad asked to pair my HRM via Bluetooth which I say yes to it then fails to give signal on Zwift but working perfectly out of Zwift. I have tried to unpair it on my ipad keeps finding the HRM and it fails. I’ve also tried 2x a ipad reset but ( given that I have lots of other stuff on it I do a backup and reinstall) this doesn’t work either clearly because I’m reading the bug that was last on it. There needs to be an easy fix here, without having to remove everything from my iPad. Zwift needs to talk with apple and Garmin and get it sorted. It’s unacceptable that this is still happening in 2022, from a thread in 2020!
Can some one please advise.

I replied to another thread, but putting this here. I am not using ANT+. I use Zwift on my iPhone 12pro. I know my phone sees the HRM b/c it will show up in my bluetooth list (I dont connect it, though I have tried it both ways). I contacted Zwift support and after trying multiple things, was told that the Garmin HRM dual does not broadcast heart rate over bluetooth for third party apps. This used to work, so just to double check I contacted Garmin Support and they confirmed that my the hrm-dual does broadcast hrm with bluetooth and should work with Zwift. I recently removed the HRM from my Garmin Edge, uninstalled Zwift, reinstalled, set everything back up, reconnnected to the HRM strap and still displays 0, then ‘not connected’ or greyed out while riding. I’m at a total loss. I’ve tried everything.

Sadly same issue here…I’m running Zwift through a google pixel 6 mirrored onto a monitor in my riding space…I have resorted to also having my Garmin 530 up and running so I can gather heart rate data… i cant get it to pair with ZWIFT? its a real pisser

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Hola. So I’m using a MacBook Air for Zwift and Pixel 6 for Companion. And I also have a problems with connecting Garmin HRM Tri to Zwift. It’s an old one HRM, so I use it onle for indoor cycling. For running outside I gave HRM Pro+. The last one has no problems with connectivity. But what I should do w the old one, that still working. Hope for a quick reply

HRM Tri is ANT+ only, afaik.

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If you want to connect the HRM Tri, get an ANT+ dongle with an extension cable

I use this one with a Mac

Or just use your other HRM

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thanks for the answer. I will try w dongle