Apple TV 4k remote issues

(Vincent W.) #41

Hmm ok, I’ll investigate. And no problem! No eta on the update except that it’s fairly soon.

(Jake Weber) #42

It didn’t do it today. I didn’t do anything different than yesterday so I’m not sure if u changed anything. The ATV4K was turned off overnight.

(Eiki Egilz) #43

You never see a moving “cursor” inside Zwift on AppleTv4k - should wesee it @Vincent ?
Don’t you guys have an AppleTv4k to try this stuff out … you can see all this stuff right away, don’t have to do anything special to get all these weird behaviour of the scrolling/selection etc :slight_smile:

Installing Zwift on my Microsoft Surface Laptop now … just to see how it plays out compared with the AppleTv4k

(Vincent W.) #44

Ah sorry I just meant selection. And our QA team tests it out, as you can imagine there’s a lot to test in the backlog so it’s in the queue.

(Eiki Egilz) #45

OK, thought so @Vincent slight_smile:

I can’t even pair with my Stryd inside Zwift on the Surface Laptop … although it’s paired it in the Bluetooth settings
( I’ve also tried this without pairing it up as Bluetooth device connected device inside Windows10 )

Won’t even bother trying to get this working, since I’m not going to use this particular machine for Zwift …

(Eiki Egilz) #46

I just removed it from my Windows10 Bluetooth devices and turned on the Companion app … works like a charm that way, pairing it through the Android phone. Nice to actually be able to use the Menu’s now :slight_smile:

But I will not be using this device … I’ll wait for the update on Zwift to fix the AppleTv 4k remote issue

(Eiki Egilz) #47

@Vincent I notice, when using Zwift on Windows I get this screen, “Join Another Zwifter” for the runs …

  • On the AppleTv4k I only get “my friends” … people who I’ve added, or added me … and if they’re not on the track, this list is empty. Can I get this screen on the AppleTv 4k as well ? Would be nice to join some runner on the track, although they’re not on my friends list inside Zwift :slight_smile:

(B Durruti) #48

Dear Vincent,

You can scroll in the menu, but it does not stop where you want. For instance on Apple TV 4K I can scroll to certain courses, but others it rolls over anytime, also after restart. I wanted to ride the longest course in New York, but with remote scrolling it always scrolls over it, you cannot make the remote stop where you wish. I selected other order, on distance and than scrol behaves slightly better, meaning I could stop at donut (or how was it called, 32 kilometres drive). The issue is that scrolling with the remote works especially bad in selecting courses in any digital map (besides the fact that the remote is slow responding anyway oil Apple TV. Was this clearly explained? Hope you find a solution :slight_smile:

(Andy Ball) #49

Hey - late post back . Actually found the cause of my issue which appears to be a different bug. In my case the 100% fail of being able to “swipe right” to move focus was caused by having Voiceover enabled on apple tv ! to reproduce :

  • Go into Settings
  • General / Accessibility / Voiceover / Enable
  • Go into Zwift
  • Cant move right with the cursor …

have reproduced this a couple of times today.


(Vincent W.) #50

Thanks for the details @B_Durruti we’ll investigate. Is it always the same exact courses it rolls over? And have you tried the voiceover setting toggle @Andy_Ball mentioned?

(Eiki Egilz) #51

@Vincent what do you say about this “Join Another Zwifter” AppleTv4k vs PC?
I get all these people when using Windows … but on iOS I only get my friends, if there are any on the track

Is is possible to get not-only-friends on iOS as well so I have more people to run alongside with?

(L Rosenberg) #52

Same problem. Glitchy Apple TV remote.

(power ups are for weaklings) #53

omg. so typical of zwift support.

second sentence says “I do not experience this issue in any other applications”

(power ups are for weaklings) #54

vincent… stop asking dumb questions. fire up an Apple TV and see for yourself.

(power ups are for weaklings) #55

“as you can imagine there’s a lot to test in the backlog so it’s in the queue.”

which means one of two things…

  1. your QA team is too small
  2. your programmers suck

(Eiki Egilz) #56

@Vincent Hi !
What’s the status on the fix on this … you said this has already been fixed, but has just not been released?
Can you please update us on the status of this issue with Apple Tv 4k remote. Thank you,

No Zwift Update 1.0.31423 for iOS?
(Troy Ketela) #57

Huge problem for me as well. I can’t scroll through the workout list at all with my ATV4k remote. The side to side menu jumps are usually ok (not great), but vertical scrolling not working at all.

Has not been working properly since I started Zwift 6+ weeks ago.

(Scott Mc Donald) #58

Apple TV 4K. Same issues

(David Jones) #59

I’m having problems with app too. Only in Zwift.

(Gleb Chugin #adoptdontshop) #60

+1 and only in Zwift
Apple TV 4K