Apple TV 4k remote issues

(Edwin Thaves) #61

Issue has not been fixed and it is something that has been reported now for some time. Nearly impossible to select a course on Apple TV using the remote. Only an issue with Zwift app not any other app on my Apple TV 4K.

Some suggestions:

  1. Perhaps Zwift coukd actually use the devices it supports. AppleTV is pretty inexpensive. Buy one and you’ll see the issue firsthand instead of constantly debating with your customers about whether it’s a real issue.
  2. Browse the Apple Developer resources and maybe Zwift will learn how to properly code its app to work with the remote like every other single app on Apple TV.

Looking forward to Zwift getting some real competition so it will be forced to discover good customer service.

(Vincent W.) #62

Hey all, we appreciate everyone’s concern and our apologies for the frustration with Apple TV selection!
We’ve tested the remote’s responsiveness on our side and yes it is very sensitive but it does function properly.
It needs to have deliberate light touches, nothing too sporadic, and the scroll should be fine. The Apple TV’s remote functionality isn’t quite the same as a touchscreen.

@lord02 Keyboard functionality is not something we are working on at the moment because of the number of Bluetooth connections that are available with Apple TV.

We do understand the Customization menu is wonky but we are working on an entire overhaul for that so please stay tuned.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and you can also contact our technical support at this link:

Thank you!

(Rob Case) #63

Deliberate light touches dont work. Try scrolling through a tour of new york ride report with 400 riders to find yourself with the remote, and you will be there for 5 minutes while scrolling 2 people at a time.

(Chris Nackers) #64

The remote works like crap. I use a Logitech Harmony for everything else but Zwift will not accept any of the inputs. Can someone explain why IR commands are not accepted for Zwift? That’s a huge oversight.

(Eiki Egilz) #65

@Vincent do you know when will the fix for the remote control be released? It’s my understanding that you guys are still working hard to fix it … that’s the main (only?) thing that’s making my Zwift sessions hard, the scrolling with the remote control. I don’t care about the lack of keyboard support inside Zwift, I just mentioned it because I was trying to get the remote-bug away, by connecting a bluetooth keyboard.
In game experience is EXCELLENT! I do both running and riding inside Zwift :slight_smile:

Sidenote: Is is not possible to change the game resolution inside Zwift on Apple Tv 4k? What is it set to … is it 1080p? I’ve seen a screenshot from PC, and there you can change the resolution to at least 1440p …

(Vincent W.) #66

Are you able to make a video of your scrolling being pretty much unusable? It would definitely help us out visually since we haven’t run into any issues sans scrolling too fast with the remote.

@lord02 That’s the thing, we haven’t run into an issue with it except for the customization panel, which is being overhauled. We’re willing to create a video on our side to showcase this, just in case we really are missing something.

(Eiki Egilz) #67

@Vincent I thought you had already confirmed the bug - at least inside the Plans / Workouts list where it’s most obvious. The bug is 100% connected to SCROLLING in lists, all lists in your interface, using Apple Tv 4k.

At least you confirmed this 17 days ago:
Edit: The highlighted training plan issue is a bug that we’ve reported, the fix just hasn’t shipped yet and should be in the next update.

The remote control problems can be seen easily in the Plans / Workout list, and has been confirmed by numerous users on this thread already?

I guess I can create a video for this tonight after work, ***** where can I upload the video to? *****

Kind regards,

(Vincent W.) #68

Hi @lord02 the issue that you described here has been fixed:

We’re going to keep testing the Apple TV 4K scrolling on our side to see if we can reproduce the extremely clunky scroll and select everyone is experiencing. Will test it again and update this thread. Thank you for being patient with us!

Edit: And please make a video, that would help us out! You can upload it on a place like Youtube and link it here.

(Eiki Egilz) #69
  1. @Vincent I made a video … don’t know if it’s clear enough, but I hope so.
    Here’s the link to the Youtube video, it’s currently being uploaded, will take some time, but this is the link it will be on, enjoy :slight_smile:

You say the selected-items incorrectly has been fixed:
When will the iOS version be released? It’s been 10 days since you announced this version, have Apple still not accepted it? You can see it’s still version 1.0.31304 (not 1.0.31423!), from 29. of October 2018

I have this latest version, 1.0.31304 (not 1.0.31423!) , installed on my Apple Tv 4k, the issue for selected-items has NOT been fixed, and I still can’t turn off the title-music ?!

And as you can see, the title-music still CANNOT be turned off:

  1. What is this … should there be a label (text) on this button?

(D Stankard) #70

There is a configuration setting on the AppleTV 4k that lets you control the scroll speed of the touchpad. I moved mine to slowest setting, and Zwift became much more usable. Didn’t seem to make much difference in the way everything else work, just made Zwift better.

(Eiki Egilz) #71

I changed the touchpad to slow, really doesn’t make it any better … at least not to the point that it’s usable to scroll through lists properly,

Please Zwift … put your focus on FIXING this remote control issue on the Apple Tv 4k

(B Durruti) #72

Dear Vincent,

I changes the settings in the Apple TV 4k to slowest but still it is difficult to scroll where you want in Zwift. Hope it will be solved in the near future. Enjoy your weekend, Roemer

(HP Lund) #73

+1 User with issues selecting Workouts on AppleTv 4gen (not 4K). I’ve been stucked on the FTP Tests until now, but I was able to scroll down the list with very gentle movements after 1) adjusting the sensitivity for the Remote and 2) even a little bit better using the Remote App from my iPhone (the latter seems to be the best alternative right now).

In my mind, this should be very easy for the Zwift team to reproduce.

Just for the record - I’m on the latest versions both for Zwift and AppleTv (just verified).

(Vincent W.) #74

Hey @HP_Lund @B_Durruti I’ve worked with QA and we’re going to get a fix down the pipeline. Unfortunately I don’t have an ETA right now due to the volume of updates and fixes we have currently, but I will be keeping everyone updated in real time.

What would be awesome if possible, can you all send a video of you scrolling through Zwift with your hands, remote, and screen in the video? Do what you can obviously but it would help us a lot. If you could host it on dropbox, place it on Youtube, anywhere that we can access that’d be great.

@lord02 Unfortunately your video still doesn’t work on Youtube :frowning: Maybe an uploading error?

(Eiki Egilz) #75

The video has been uploaded @Vincent

(HP Lund) #76

Thank You for the «Zwift» reply @Vincent :+1:

I’ll look at sharing a video, but as I said in my first post, this should be very easy to reproduce (and no need for all of us to upload a video).

This thread have been helpful anyway, since I’m now able to select other workouts in addition to only the FTP tests.

Keep on the good work and hurry on with this fix :wink:

(Vincent W.) #77

Thanks for the video @lord02 but it still isn’t working for some reason :frowning: :frowning:
Thanks @HP_Lund! Yes we have experienced similar symptoms, although seemingly it was not doing that for us before. Our dev teams are very aware.

(Eiki Egilz) #78

@Vincent now you can view it, I changed it’s status from private to unlisted:

(Vincent W.) #79

Thanks! @lord02

(Chris Nackers) #80

@Vincent can you comment on why Zwift doesn’t allow IR remote commands? That would solve most of the remote issues plus I don’t get why that would have been excluded to begin with.