Apple TV 4k remote issues

Did you buy it used? Because the 4th gen ATV comes with the Siri remote as standard. If you bought that used then the seller has misled you.

Got myself an old iPhone, and it seems to be working. Thx for the help guys!

I have the same issue. I have a brand new apples 4K TV. Remote just doesn’t work with Zwift. All other apps are fine, so its not the remote. I can’t even get passed the start and select paring. Just doesn’t work.

It should work, just really really badly. Keep trying with it. You should be able to click it fine, it’s the moving using the touchpad that is terrible. I assume you haven’t changed the default sensibility in the ATV settings?

I have no issues whatsoever with the AppleTV 4K remote.
I have it in a silicone sleeve (after dropping it once and cracking the track pad).
I realize the limitations of what the remote can do within the AppleTV implementation of Zwift, and have adjusted to it.

Hi Steve. I have tried changing the remote speed to slow. This helped a little but still unusable in real terms. I’m currently using a PC and its fine. I tried the Apple 4K TV again last night after a ride using the PC. It takes an age to get to the correct icon and select options. I’m using Zwift with the companion app on an Android phone. But will wait for an update on the Apple TV as its just not practical at the moment to use and as I’m lucky enough to have an old PC I’ll use that until the bug is fix. I feel sorry anyone who got the Apple TV to run Zwift and has the same issue. I currently don’t think its usable.

Yes the Apple 4K works great with FulGaz just shame the hart rate monitor issue remains with that.

wish I’d found this thread before I bought the silver remote out of sheer desperation of trying to use the siri remote. I too find the touch pad unusable, i spend way too long trying to select a route.