ANT antenna installation

Want to keep an eye on heart rate, so bought heart rate belt which needed a matching ANT antenna. But how do you get the zwift app to see it

TL;DR: we need more details about what devices you’re using.

Plug in the ANT USB stick at your machine
After Log In you will see ANT being active in the left upper corner in the ‘Paired Devices’ dialog
Search for ‘Heart Rate’ in the left lower corner
Select your HR device

If you’re on Windows, see below

If you’re on Android, this might help

You should just need to plug in your USB ANT+ dongle. Then when you open Zwift, it should see it and begin searching. Once Zwift begins searching, wake up your device, and Zwift should detect and recognize it.

My Android phone needed to have ANT+ Radio services installed from the Playstore first. Also ANT+ Plugin Service. Once those were installed, Zwift found the dongle right away.