Activity history only showing last 8 months

I searched around but could not find an answer to this - previously had data showing in my activity history going back to 2015 or so. Now it is showing only back to April of this year. Did that data get archived or something?

I assume so. It is quite odd and I find it pretty annoying. Zwift should really have a search & sort function like Strava.

I already raised this with Zwift support. They said that it was deliberate/working as expected. They were unwilling to provide a manual export either, citing “data protection”.

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Quite the contrary, “data protection” (e.g. GDPR Art. 15) generally means you have a right of access to your own data so they are required to do so at least if you live in the civilized world.


Any idea when this changed? I feel like a few months ago I was able to see my full ride history.

Not sure where you’re looking? on the zwift[dot]com/feed page? Scroll all the way to the bottom, and there should be a “LOAD MORE ACTIVITIES” button. You can keep doing this which loads a number of months’ worth of activities

We’re looking at Zwift companion

Oh ok. That wasn’t clear. But that aside, your older data is still accessible and you can download any FIT files you want.

Actually, I still am not sure what you’re all referring to… I just opened CA, Went to activities and FEED and I can keep scrolling until I get to my first activity which was about 5 yrs ago.

That’s odd. Do you Zwift often? I have tried numerous times and cannot get farther than ~May 2022

I raised this issue back in July, support told me that the web team have limited the feed to only the last 250 activities, rather than being able to scroll back further to your oldest activities if you had more than that.

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Tried both web and CA, and pressed “Load More” until it stopped prompting me.

That is a huge bummer - @shooj is there a workaround for this? Was hoping to look at results from a few old races before I was on ZP.

This is awful. REALLY AWFUL. Zwift give me back MY data!!! :frowning_face:


Your .fit files should still be there in Documents\Zwift\Activities, I have over 600.

Thank you Neil. Unfortunately I’m on AppleTV, there are no .fit files available.

Yes, I might download them from the activity feed on Just tried to scroll through that feed. It literally takes AGES to get to an old activity. On CA it took seconds.

I’ve had so many wonderful encounters with fellow riders via the CA comments. Always liked the way Zwift encouraged this social aspect. Now this amazing history of built-up Zwift friendships is sooooo much harder to relive. Very, very sad.

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Ah so Zwift haven’t deleted any activities from their servers but have decided to limit those shown in CA to the most recent 250 ?

I’m sure that’s true… but it doesn’t help given that that’s what they stated and they refused to budge. I tried to get it escalated but the response was the same.

The final response I got was:

Developers are not able to [do this]… I know that is not what you want to hear but at the moment is not possible. We really care about the privacy of your account and that’s why we do not manipulate it in any way.

I’m not sure I’m afraid, this conversation I had with Zwift was back in September so the behaviour was broken/changed at least as far back as that.

That only works if you’ve never changed devices or reinstalled… which you have to do frequently as a recommended workout for many of the bugs. Its also only applicable to Windows, which I don’t use for Zwift.

Its hard to tell - I certainly have no way of accessing the old activities, so who knows if they still exist within Zwift, and why Zwift chooses not to expose them any longer if they do still exist.

While this isn’t a solution to this, viewing activity history in zwift is a terrible user experience anyway. Probably worth linking to Garmin connect or Strava if you want to monitor progress over time.

But syncing does have issues so be careful!

I’ve got mine synced to Strava but have found that for some reason, the PR times listed for certain courses only goes back to a certain date and doesn’t include actual best times. Who knows, would love to be able to go back and look through these activities.