History in ActivityFeed/JustMe not the same in profile

Hi all,
Sorry for my bad english. I try to explain my pb.

1- If i see my activities, with ActivityFee/JustMe, i be able to see all my participation of events.
2- When i see with my profile/Activities i just see 2 activities.
3- And i confirme that on Strava i see all the events like in the 1- point

Well, can you help me to have the same activities anywhere ?

Thanks and Long life to Zwift

Welcome to the Forums, Fred.

I’m trying to comprehend the situation, but it’s not clear. (Probably just me being dense, though.)
In all cases, you’re logging into zwift.com, right?
For case 2, how are you accessing Activities via Profile?

I couldn’t find you in Companion, so don’t have any context. Is it possible you’ve got some privacy settings in Zwift that are contributing to the problem you’re presenting? Could you perhaps post some screenshots to illustrate this problem?

Yeah fairly sure its privacy settings too @Roule_Thoune

This looks to be the problem where users who have privacy turned on cant see their own activities in one view but can in the other. Not sure whether it is a bug as it has always worked this way from memory - poor design at minimum.

@Fred_Le.Chti change your activities/profile to public and you will see them in both views (well, that used to work).

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Yes Dean, that’s it. Thanks
I have to show everything in public, it will take me 3 years ;(

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