Sharing : Only 250 of your latest ride records are kept on Zwift backend

Hi dear Zwifters, I just would like to share a finding with you that now only the latest 250 of your ride records are kept in Zwift backend, meaning you can access to the latest 250 records only, via your companion app or a web browser.
All of your records older than that are lost permanently and no way to get them back.
According to Zwift support team, it seems this limitation was set around this January or something.
I searched the forum beforehand and didn’t find an existing one but sorry if this is a topic already referred here.

A big thanks to Zwift support team for very quick and clear response to confirm the things.

Thanks for updating.

Assuming the info is current, holding to limited number of past activities would essentially make personal ride partners limited to the range of stored past activities.

If also throws out of the window any possible gain Zwift may have made analyzing the info in order to offer riders a personally tailored training program - either themselves or via third party partner.

But hey, Zwift does Zwift.

Evidently the personal bots will use PR’s based ONLY on last 90 days so I suspect that will be more limiting.

Having said that, our data is gold and Zwift will know it - they still have it around. I suspect the reasoning is either performance (CA) or cost reductions (I had thought I had seen lower storage costs on AWS for “archive” type data storage as opposed to current data, but that was some time ago, or in my sleep).

And Zwift being Zwift, still make all our fit files available via ZwiftPower going back to the day we signed up … go figure.

Thanks. That’s what I was trying to say.

I guees “Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive” is the storage class you were looking for :slight_smile:

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Interesting - I meant to mention this previously, as I raised a support call in July about this issue - the way the responses from support were worded suggested it was just a display limit of the activity feed, rather than activities being lost (though I suppose, they’re merely inaccessible right now) - this is what I had in reply to this issue:

I made a research and it seems that our dev team designed the activity feed to show the last 250 activities. The latest activities should disappear when you’re saving new ones on a FIFO basis (First In First Out). I’m not confident if the oldest activities should disappear one by one or in batches.
I know this is not what you would like to hear but I want to assure that that feedback has been given to our developers regarding increasing the limits of seen activities in the history to above 250.

Hopefully it’s something that can be amended, feels a little bit pants not to be able to go back and check on some of my older ride activities within the activity feed.

Arbitrary software limits… 250 activities in one’s feed, 20-or-so images captured… etc.

Where else? I wonder…