ZwiftPower activity not showing on "Records"

Is there someone I can contact to manually re-sync an activity to have it show up correctly on the ZwiftPower website? My longest ride displays correctly my profile, but does not show up on the ZwiftPower “records” tab where it lists the longest rides that have been done in Zwift. It appears on my activities tab as well, and refreshing doesn’t fix! I have double checked all other things, like everything being set to public, manually refreshihng everything that can be refreshed, etc.

This is a ride from years ago, so obviously at this point I don’t expect it to suddenly work without someone intervening haha. Can anyone point me in the direction of a next step? It may sound silly, but it would be cool to see this ride listed on the board with the other long rides. Thanks!

Support are who to ask for resetting an event in ZP (make sure you provide event id and your ZP profile ID #'s), but I’ve only ever seen it done for recent events due to data glitches and the like. Could be worth a shot though.

What distance and how long ago the one from "years ago?

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It was a 500k ride, starting Sept 15, 2020 and ending Sept 16. Not one I’m eager to repeat! I’ll try to contact support directly then

:dizzy_face: I can see why you are keen to see it listed

Contact and ask them (they will ask me) if there is anything that they can do. I suspect the answer is no but I can ask one of our developers to have a look.