Masochist - Count of how many times you’ve done the Alp de Zwift

Why is there no way to determine how many times a person has done the Alp de Zwift? I didn’t start counting when I first started and I believe I’ve done over 25 climbs. How can I tell they all counted? Do I need to summit and then ride to the bottom for it to count. Very frustrated as Zwift must have a database to keep track and it wouldn’t be hard to show it so a rider knows. Just finished another climb and was hoping I’d get the Masochist badge. Not knowing if my ride counts is frustrating.

It’s universally accepted that you’re correct - this info should be available within Zwift. No point in dwelling on it - it’ll get fixed eventually or it won’t, we’re not going to change that.

Link your Zwift account to Strava. You can find your AdZ segments there.

If I create a Strava account and link it, it will know what I’ve done in the past?

Spoiler Alert

It won’t

No, I don’t think it will… but you could go through all your activities on and then upload the fit files to Strava so you have historical records… but that could be a lot of tedious work depending on how many Zwift activities you have.

How can you go through all your activities on Zwift?

log into the website and you will see your activity feed

Thanks all! Didn’t know about the feed.

See new link below: I think that CA Activities and Feed info might now be limited to last 250 rides.

EDIT - good news for you is it looks like you are well under the 250 ride activity limit.

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