Missing 30 days and yearly stats in zwiftpower

As you can see i have nothing in 30 days or yearly stats, rest seems almost ok. Longest ride is not…
checked and rechecked my settings, cant resolve theissue

Did you try Refresh profile?

Yep, several times. Also now, still nothing.
Zwiftpower fetches data via zwiftid, right? (difference in nickname should not interfere?)

I wonder if having all your rides marked private affects this. I don’t know but I see all of your events are showing that no FIT file was uploaded to ZwiftPower. Your last event saved as public was in 2020 so that might explain no data from the last 30 days or last year.

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Ok, this might be a lead in…
So i obviously changed these settings without knowing what i was doing, or where?
Where did i set them as private

You can set Activity Privacy default to Public in the Companion app under Settings → Privacy

Was set to follwers, changed to public.
Will stats now be updated from 2020 or today…?
If this was the issue, which i think it might have been.
Tnx, man :slight_smile:
Edit: or is there a way to bulk upload allthe fitfiles?

It think it only updates for rides in the last 24-48 hours or something like that.

Can’t upload them.

Ill check postride nexttime!