Activity history only showing last 8 months

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My Zwift activity history goes back farther than my Strava history… I thought I could scroll baaaack and look, but I guess not. Not really sure why/how this is a privacy concern?

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The showing of the full history isn’t what they’re claiming is a privacy concern. This was their response when I asked that they send me the data manually since they didn’t allow me to view it any longer. They essentially were saying that since doing it manually would involve devs “seeing” my past activity data, they were not able to do it. Whether that’s a reasonable excuse or not, I’ll leave up to you, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re not willing to do so. And there’s nothing on the horizon I know of to let you access past data “properly” through the user interface, or be able to search, or bulk update activities, or any one of the features that you can do in platforms like Strava.

As Chris Says,

That’s really the only option for now to access past activities in any meaningful way. But if they’re not already synced to one of those platforms, I’m not sure if you can sync them retrospectively.

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I thought the GDPR provided the “Right to access” (at least for those in Europe)? This almost sounds like the data isn’t there, or is being automatically wiped. Can someone from Zwift chime in here?

I’m guessing that the change to how far “back” you can see (if we’re right that you did use to be able to see back further - I’m not sure anyone has confirmed that yet) is probably more to do with performance or storage or something than anything else? They must have an awful lot of activities by now and I know that Strava hit some big performance issues that presumably is related to the number of activities they’ve built up?? I could be wrong

Ideally I’d love to see a proper activity feed interface like Strava has, where you can search for keywords in the activity title, show all activities, sort by date or time or whatever. The zwift interface is just really restrictive and the “load more” is ridiculous when it loads 25 activities at a time (or whatever it is) - if you have several years of activities you have to click, scroll, click, scroll maybe - what - 50 times?! Its ridiculous.

I don’t hold out much hope though, they’ll consider this a feature request rather than a bug and there’s bigger problems than this that they’ve been ignoring for years. I just can’t realistically see them improving/fixing this anytime soon unfortunately.

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I can definitely confirm I was able to see back much further at some point not too long ago.

Ok, have done a little bit of testing around the feed / activity availability (it’s by no means conclusive - I’ll keep an eye on this though).

TL;DR The activies are there, we’ve just no easy way to get to them.

I made a note of the last available ride that was on my activity feed yesterday (which was from 14/01/22):

Large Image

I grabbed the URLs for the last 5 rides shown on my feed (done on 14/01, 14/01, 19/01, 21/01 and 22/01) - each of those activities would load the details page for that activity via a web browser. (So far, so expected behaviour), stuck those into a spreadsheet for safe keeping.

Did a ride last night, saved it as usual.

Checked my feed this morning, my last available activity in my feed (using “only me”, to allow for the greatest number of rides from my history to be pulled back) was from the 22/01/22.

Large Image

However, the URL I made a note of from the ride on the 14/01 was still working:

Large Image

So the “good” news is that these rides appear to be being saved/retained (and not just disappearing into the ether) if you currently want to get access to your prior rides, you can do so if you’ve got the zwift activity ID, and plug that into a web browser.

The downsides appears to be that you’ll need to manually grab this information yourself before any rides fall off your feed, as I am not aware of any method of being able to find any actviity IDs apart from grabbing the URL from each activity entry from your feed - and this’ll mean anything that’s since been ridden earlier than the last 250 activities anyone has done is probably unavailable; and the web edition of these activities is super limited in terms of unlocks, workout star summmaries, jersey awards and the like - and there’s no way I’m aware of to be able to plug that URL into a mobile app and have it open in the companion (as event URLs do for instance).

(Edit 2, as I managed to break the code for the 2nd image).

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Interesting @CardiffGreens .
Activity URLs seem to be in the format zwiftdotcom/activity/[number]. The numbers on my last two rides are 19 digits long.
If we could figure out how Zwift calculates that number we could get to old rides that way.
So far any correlation I see is a 12 as the first two digits (12=December?), and the ones after that seem to decrease from 44ish down. Maybe it’s a linear numbering from the very first Jarvis activity to now.

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Great investigative work @CardiffGreens love it! Its reassuring that the data is still there, even if we can’t easily access it.


Looking at the activity number used in the URLs for the 5 rides I grabbed yesterday, there doesn’t seem to be much correlation between date/times and the number - I suspect they’re simply incrementing the number each time an activity is saved (though this is probably straying into under-the-hood-workings of Zwift territory that I’m a little loathe to pursue much further) - I’ll have a dig about in case there’s any mention of these numbers in any logs on my PC later in case they’re referenced there.

Edit - update; apologies, as I didn’t get around to this yesterday. Having just done a ride, I did a quick file contents search for the resulting activity id - returned the log.txt file with the following line (evidently showing that it saved the ride zwiftside and logging the activity id locally):

Doing another search for the “SaveActivityService” string brought back back all 10 versions (current and 9 “previous” log files) of the log.txt within the installed zwift\logs directory:

I think this exhausts this avenue as well unfortunately - as the logs are overwritten on a rolling basis each time this device is used to connect to zwift, so there’d be no way of recovering activity IDs from further than 10 rides through this method (and all of those would be available from the web interface anyway).

I’m away for a few days now, but I’ll have a think in case there’s any more spit-and-duct-tape workarounds I can think of; this one has reached a bit of an impasse in the meantime for me.


Thank you for looking into this! My sincere hope is that the full ride files are still out there… would hate to have all of those disappear.

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Same, thanks!

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