Can't access My Activities

I can no longer find the list of my past activities                                                        

I open the Zwift home page on my Macbook Pro, log in and no longer see all my previous activities.

I am mainly after the total mileage which is not displayed on the phone app activities list.

Here is the link:

i just noticed this, too. if you end up on the “edit profile” screen, you can click on the “ZWIFT” text in the top center of the screen to get to that stats page.

definitely not super intuitive.

Thanks for the help. Found it.

I don’t know. I try as hard as I can to like and support Zwift but I reckon on average at least once a week something goes wrong or changes, for the worse.

When my cheaper subscription ends in Nov. I’ll be looking elsewhere unless things improve substantially.

It’s easy enough to find if you use the Zwift Companion app. Just click on your name at the top of the screen to open your profile page.  You’ll see your totals there, and can click ‘Activities’ to see a list of them.

@Joe: yeah but that does not help if you want to download an activity file.

@Andre - Fair enough, but that seems outside of the scope of the original post:

“I am mainly after the total mileage which is not displayed on the phone app activities list.”

Downloading an activity (e.g. a .fit file)?  There’s nothing to download, since they’re already stored locally. It’s just a matter of browsing to find the activity for a given date.

Besides, if one links their Zwift account to Strava? All activities sync automatically and can be reviewed in detail there at any time.

I understand why some people want Zwift to be an all-inclusive one-stop shop for training AND activity retrieval & analysis, but it’s a bit like reinventing the wheel when Strava already does the latter quite well, imo.