Missing Data in Some Activities

Hello, newer to Zwift here. Have had this issue on and off and I know it’s not an internet connection issue. (been on TR for two years and never an issue, and internet is stable, tested multiple times)
Setup: Macbook Pro, 2017 running with Zwift Companion, and Kickr Core. Running the latest updates of the Mac app and Companion appSo

After finishing a ride, and this has now happened 3 times in the past month, I go to stop and upload to Strava, via either the Companion App or the Mac App, and it doesn’t upload to Strava.

The issue I see, aside from not uploading and it just not being a seemless operation, is that the successful activities show all the HR, Power, etc data in the my zwift activities, whereas the ones that don’t upload correctly seem to only have “shell” information, like calories. I have attached screenshots showing the difference.

I also read about an inprogress fit file, which I have in my Doc/Zwift activities folder but changing that didn’t help.

I have also followed the steps to simply reinstall, which I did, but I am still getting the problem.

So I am looking to understand what I should do next. I wrote the customer service twice, but no one was able to help.

Need to understand how to make this more stable so I can regain confidence that I’m not going to lose data after a ride. Connection has never drooped while riding so it can’t be coincidence that it has only happened these few times when Ending the ride.

I have also tried uploading manually to Strava, but that also has not worked with Fitfiles.

Appreciate the help from support team or Zwift tech gurus out there.

Having a similar issue where it seems like my Zwift ride never ended and thus did not create a fit file that can be manually uploaded to Strava where all my stats and history resides…help!

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same with me. only Data with Date as Name without Route

If you folks are having incomplete results, its a symptom of network issues and likely causing missing data in fit files. When that happens, no application is going to accept your incomplete fit file so you will have to fix it with online tools (fitfiletools.com for example) and manually upload. Having said that, a lot of issues seem to be reported relating to end of rides.

For understanding your root cause, start with putting your logs onto Zwiftalizer.com and see if its reporting network errors. If none, contact support, provide them with a sample log file.

@Giorgio_Orlandi changing you inprogress fit file will do nothing - it needs to be fixed then uploaded to Strava. You can not re-load it into Zwift.

Thanks for the suggestions, @Dean, but I have a hard time believing that 3 times out of 8, at exactly the moment I wanted to upload the data (or stop my ride), the internet connection dropped. But even if it were, I would hope that Zwift put in place some sort of back up system, or way to recover that information on Zwift itself as I was able to actually upload it to Strava (by downloading the file from Zwiftpower, which means that the data was sent, granted it might not have been all complete, but by the looks of it, it was). In general I just think there are some safety mechanisms that Zwift could easily implement, especially since TrainerRoad has been working seamlessly for me for 2 years. And lastly, how can I end the ride if it is still in pending mode, and how do I know it won’t interfere with future rides.

I am curious in uploading the logs though, but don’t know exactly which one from the Log folder. I assume it is from the Logs folder in the Documents folder.

For now I will be running Zwift via iPad which I’ve heard is much more stable, or trying to connect to my Mac directly, as opposed to using my phone as a bridge.

Hopefully Zwift can make it all a bit more solid, stable and reliable, even if the user’s internet or bluetooth drops occasionally.

I’m not suggesting that you had at the end of a ride at all. If you lose enough data and at critical times during the ride, Zwift doesnt like it and will show symptoms you are describing (incomplete data on your Zwift activity). And when that happens, sometimes fit files arent pushed up to Strava. Great that you pulled them from ZP.

Yes the logs are in your documents/zwift/logs folder.

Yes, I agree, Zwift could build some better tools to help.

Understood, thanks for that added info @Dean. I did look at the log files and it does seem that along the ride there were some network issues, but as we agreed, there should be some sort of better way or backup mechanism to ensure this doesn’t happen. In the end, all other devices work perfectly as I imagine for most other users, and on the occasional “no internet found” it doesn’t take much to recover. It’s sort of like saying that after a bout of buffering the movie on Netflix can no longer be shown.

I wonder if any consistencies can be found on the Log files to get to the root issue. Also, I hope that with the iPad it is more stable as generally I’ve found Apple products to be more reliable when it comes to internet connectivity.

Let’s hope Zwift improves this critical part of the customer experience.

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