ZwiftPower GC created for 2021 Tour de Zwift

Hope everyone had a great New Year’s break. The ZwiftPower racing community asked for it, so we have created General Classification for the 2021 Tour de Zwift group rides. We thank you for your patience over the holiday break.

  • Here’s the link for the General Classification on ZwiftPower
  • The GC will award points for your best finish within 24 hours. i.e. if you race two races in the same day, finishing 10th in one and 9th in the other, you will be awarded points for 9th place and not 10th.
  • The only events included in the GC are the events that are titled “TDZ Group Ride.” This means no rookie rides, no sightseeing rides, no running events, etc.
  • You can race an event of any distance event, and have it count. The only thing that matters is your best finishing position.
  • We have chosen to exclude from the results any zPower users (i.e. those using a classic trainer + speed sensor) and users with no heart rate data present for the event.
  • There are no team competitions for this GC.
  • All events will give the site-wide ranking points in congruence with the points system as outlined in the rankings FAQs.
  • Not all the TdZ events are listed in the GC right now because they’re not on the site yet. As they show up, we will add them.
  • We aren’t separating the GC by men and women, or long and short distances. They’re all “group ride” events for GC lumped into the one board.
  • Men and women will have different rankings based on their ZP categories and this can be seen in the results with the filters. Clicking on “women” and then “A” for example will show how all category A women stack up against one another within the TdZ events. This will work if women raced with men or in any women’s only categories for the events in Zwift.

Tour de Zwift has always been a mass participation group ride celebrating our community and all of the worlds we offer. It is the biggest welcome and celebration of exploration of Zwift within the year. Our community has always treated TdZ in this way, however, those in our community all have different goals in mind and it’s evident that some will treat these events as a race.

The important thing to remember is that whatever your goal, we encourage you to ride at your own pace and explore Zwift: meet up with friends and ride a stage together; cruise along with the community and enjoy the social banter; or give it your all and see where you rank.

For those who are interested in seeing where you stack up against the field, we’ve listened to your feedback and created a General Classification on ZwiftPower.

I know Zwift have come under some fire recently and I have had my own frustrations but I would just like to thank the team for pulling this together. You listened and made it happen and have enhanced the overall experience.

Thank you.


Good news. :+1:


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Seems we were a little hasty in getting this set up, y’all.

We are reevaluating a solution for GC. There will be a solution, but we’re in the process of making adjustments. Stand by please, we’ll update as soon as we can.


Great Job! Looking forward to it. Worst case scenario I still enjoy getting to ride all routes for each stage and increase my FTP :).

Normally I would say this is great news BUT how are you going to effectively apply the WKG limits when fit file processing is ten days behind now and getting worse? If the answer is that you’re going to prioritize TDZ events and delay all of our backlogs even further, that’s a terrible answer.


Some events have lots of riders and some few. Ed to GC on time…

Hi all - wanted to update you on this request.

As noted in the first post - our intention for Tour de Zwift this year was to focus on exploration, taking you to all corners of Zwift’s virtual worlds in a series of group rides and runs. These events were not meant to be races. As such, we did not plan on providing race results.

However, we know that many of you enjoy the challenge of bettering yourselves, and your fellow Zwifters in friendly, non-official competition. A number of people have been saddened by the lack of a general classification on Zwift Power so in an effort to support this request, we tried to create a workaround to retrospectively add GC results to ZP.

Unfortunately, as all TdZ rides have late join enabled and stages can be completed in any combination of categories you prefer, it has not been possible to host a general classification without error. Therefore, we have decided to pull the GC results from ZP. We will continue to deliver end of event placement within game for those who like to see their numbers.

We want TdZ to be the best experience for our community, and for now, that means exploring each stage through whichever route and at whatever pace feels right for the individual Zwifter.

For competitive racing, we highly recommend Zwift Racing League, which is kicking off season 2 on January 11th.

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Classic zwift


Oh dear, nothing worse than promising something that people wanted only to retract it!! I am no developer but really wasn’t difficult to look into whether it would work before announcing it!?! :man_shrugging:t2:🤦🏻


“Eat your own dogfood”. anyone? Expecting everybody to do an unsupervised group ride as sightseeing sounds like some customer research might be required…

For what it’s worth, Zwiftpower used to (and might still) show results for late joins as 99:99:99 or something like that.

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This is a shame but I have noted the change in tone from zwift and taking the positive from that.

I will give benefit of the doubt on this occasion but I expect that now we have had the conversation the following are are a priority:

1 results processing is fixed in zwiftpower (yes I have seen the threads on this. But is really is spoiling the experience at the moment).
2 ALL future “tours” or special events have race ranking enabled on zwiftpower. (No point in calling an event a “ride” if you then show finish position)
3 ALL future “tours” / multi stage events have a GC set up.

As a closing note the draft GC that didn’t work was very harsh in only awarding points to top 20 finishers. When you consider 1000+ finishers the points should go.much deeper into the field.

Thanks and I look forward to the fixes.


Is there a way that FIT files under a certain distance could be excluded to deal with the problem of late join times counting towards GC?

For the record, I’m only doing these group rides because I saw the “unofficial GC league” tab on ZP. I don’t normally do group rides as I try to keep my self fresh for races. I think I speak for a lot of racers when I say that I won’t be riding any more of the 2021 Tour de Zwift if there’s not going to be a leaderboard. I understand that Zwift are concerned that there’s a lot of people who only do group rides and are turned off by racing but most of those people don’t know what zwift power is!

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Tour de Zwift without a general classification is not fun at all. Instead of points just add the times of people that use the same races during the Tour. It seems I have to start looking at Bkool to make my fun races and tours…


This is very disappointing to hear.

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That’s is really a shame… i always wanted to see how i will improve over the TDZ series… now without GC, it is no fun any more… Why to do this? Please activate GC. :pray:

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I want to chime in something in support of Zwift here. The problem with ZwiftPower fit files was inexcusable and lasted far too long. But I’m glad that Zwift decided to focus on getting that fixed and stopped the GC for TDZ once it became clear it would require more effort than they thought - effort that rightly should be spent elsewhere.

That said, I do think it’s very important to have a GC for tours in the future. I might be making a point to do it if there were a GC I could monitor. While Zwift is a training tool, it is also a game, and the more measurable challenges they add, the more they are likely to support the entire user base. Any given item might only appeal to a minority of riders, but providing a broad set of different ones will appeal to the largest number.

Sooo link is still broken 17 days late or what?